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eve 18h
you ever wish you could click erase
press restart
to help yourself
move forward in life
without feeling like you’ve left something
far behind you
but to live in the past
is to never experience the present
even with all the opportunities in the world
i would trade
in exchange for being nonexistent
never mentioned
never accepted.
Ivy Chakma Apr 20
To be forgiving is the hardest,
But the sweetest gift to the self.
jojo Mar 22
I am created to see the beauty in you,
But sometimes I wonder if it's still true.
Your eyes, your nose, the color of your skin - everything about you is perfect.
However, your thoughts differ from what I reflect.

I am made to show you how extraordinary you are,
How your features set you apart.
You are who you are - there's nothing bizarre!
You're a masterpiece, a finely crafted work of art.

Sadly, I'm just here to portray - to be an aid,
Hanged on a wall and be displayed.
At the end of the day, I ask you this question:
Are you truly happy or is it all just deception?
What if a mirror could talk? What would it say? In this poem, I imagined a personified mirror.
dylan Dec 2019
just like the rain,
I will fall when things get too heavy
but like the sun,
I will rise again every morning.
daily reminder that I am the strong one...
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2019
You were

You hold
The same

You are
You were

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Selfcare ||Dignity
fray narte Sep 2019
and how brave you are, for getting up and breathing again after the night had shattered your ribs.
stop beating yourself up over your mistakes. stop thinking that you’re useless for being less than perfect. stop thinking that whatever happened to you was your fault, because it wasn’t. things happen, whether they are good or bad. life expects us all to carry our tribulations on our back while maintaining smiley, eager faces.

sometimes, life is not fun. sometimes, life is lonely, and its empty, and its tired. but just as you woke up one day scared at the thought that you lost all feeling, you will also wake up calm & happy again. eventually. the trick to life is not just carrying your tribulations, but waiting in anticipation and hopefulness for the days to come. it is so important. if you do not have hope, if you do not push forward, life stops. and although we may want life to stop, think of all the people you’ve touched - all the people you know, who spent time with you, who text you, who beg you to come out, who even give you a small little compliment one day in class. those peoples lives change forever when you’re gone, and for those close to you, it would be for the worst.

so remember, its not your fault. its not your fault that she left you, its not your fault that he hit you, it’s not your fault. people suffer at the hands of those who are incomplete. please be compassionate to yourself. please be kind. our minds are our greatest enemies because they take things that have been said to us by people who don’t even know us. it takes the hurt, lies and anger others inflict on you to break you down, and spins it around to make you hate yourself. please don’t hate yourself. please remember that this is all relative, it is all an experience.

take your time to heal.

-note to self

concept collection
whew, its been a while. i’m back and ready to spill my brain out to you all.
Chicken Mar 2019
Be the Brahmaloka
that you
wish to see in the world,

you are already it.
Chicken Feb 2019
Shadow in the spotlight,
Matter on the wall,
It’s good to see you again,
I know that you don’t like it here, at all,

.. but,

you look beautiful,
you old hen, long time old skool feathered friend.

Just be here, it’s alright,
... cause,
You light the darkness of the night.

There’s no way you can get through without you.
The darkness and the light, no versus needed.
Marsha Nov 2018
my dear,
there are plenty of things
in life
that you must learn

to let go
not only of
those people you've loved before
or the many stuff you used to own

you must learn
to let go of
the things that are
stopping you or holding you back
from being
who you truly are
Be not who "they" want you to be.
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