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Marsha Nov 2018
my dear,
there are plenty of things
in life
that you must learn

to let go
not only of
those people you've loved before
or the many stuff you used to own

you must learn
to let go of
the things that are
stopping you or holding you back
from being
who you truly are
Be not who "they" want you to be.
Miss Aug 2018
And all those inbetween
Levi green
Pinche joe
I know, you know, I know
Tired As ****
My god man
Yeah thats right, when is enough.
Sindi Kay Jun 2018
Stop thinking you’re not enough.
There’s different ways to be funny, different ways to be beautiful
And different ways your talent is expressed from within you

Stop thinking your not enough
Everyone got it rough
One way or another
We all came from a mother
Caused great pain to a mother

Begged for a lover
Just to become
Someone’s mother
Or someone’s father
And someone’s none of the above
Or someone’s other

But more or less someone’s.

Stop thinking your not enough
We all struck by diseases
We all praise some version of Jesus
Even those godless
Get goosebumps
And butterflies in their stomach
And seek purpose and wonder

We are all human
And at some point we
All turn fragile

And at some point we can tell each other we are not made of porcelain
And to be strong

Life’s a journey
but it’s not that long

I tell myself this
When I want to stop thinking
I’m not enough...
Deepa Ravi Apr 2018
Fifty a day, nil the next
The crevices on my lips are a sultry addition today, an imperfection tomorrow
The future is full of prospects, tic toc tic toc…now a void
Emotions and ideas are overrated.
Today I am me. Tomorrow who will I be?
Thousand a day, nil the next…
Dude - totally don't read or watch Thirteen Reasons Why
again - unless you seriously want - or need - a reason to cry.

Like every day.  Like a freaking ****-cry sob-monster.  For 13 days.  

Dude, come on.  Remember the times.

Remember how you'll cry for like for a week after you think it's an awesome idea to buy the soundtrack from iTunes and listen to that Lord Huron song on repeat eleventy-hundred times.

Pick a comedy special (or anything else) instead.  Netflix has like a mega-jillion of them.  Poll your friends which ones don't **** and make a list.  ****, rewatch Black Mirorr or Arrested Development.  Or totes - Flight of the Conchords! You have choices, dude.  

I know it's an amazingly well written book and a brilliantly done series.  Don't rationalize based on your cinematic expertise.  Reliving your high school experience and temporarily undoing years of therapy isn't worth it.  Don't be a dummy.  

Keep your eyes on the prize.  Remember there's always money in the banana stand and that they are illusions - tricks are something that ****** do for money.   You can use your time so much more wisely.  **** it, how long has it been since you watched This is the End?  It's time to bust that classic out, dude.  You can't beat Rogen and the guy from How to Train Your Dragon.

Get it off your kindle now.  Don't think you won't regress because you already read and saw it once.  Write a program or tell Alexa to show this warning if you try to pick it off Netflix.  Or better yet, write it to redirect to Parks and Rec or 30 Rock.  Remember how you're going to Knope and Lemon your way through your career.  Get inspired, don't get sad.  Don't think back on loser high school and how traumatic it was.  You're better than that dude.

Dude, simply be amused by how many times you called yourself dude.  Isn't that way more fun than crying for 2 weeks?
I've been toying with rewatching 13 Reasons Why - I watched a year ago when it came out - even though it affected me unlike most anything I've ever watched before ever.  This is not really a poem but more of a humorous attempt to talk myself out of it.  Both the book and series are very well done - but if you can identify with the subject matter it is easy to get back into a bad kind of headspace.
Mar Jan 2018
̶N̶e̶e̶d̶ ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶̶n̶u̶m̶b ̶m̶y̶ ̶p̶a̶i̶n̶.

Or maybe I don’t need someone
Maybe I just need myself
to keep my head above water
to keep my healthy mind.
I write clichés
But that’s how I feel
This happens to many people?
Why then I feel so alone?
Maybe I’m as equal to all
Thinking that my problems are greater than all.
I am a dramatic girl.
Yes, I am.
Maybe I need help
But I do not want help
Maybe I am depressed
but I do not want to be depressive
maybe my sanity has gone
before finish this poem
Yes, she’s gone
yes, in the second stanza
Posted on Tumblr OneMudBlood  in 2016.10.26
itsmutheu Mar 2017
Your are the smallest circle I've ever had,
The way we cope; never hard,
An amazing bond it is....
Just how we snuggle during insomniac nights, (literally every night)
And laugh while we dance in the dark,
How you have my back,
And how we stare at each other in the mirror,
You are,
You are the person within me,
Yes you are me!
And I love you to death!
And if all else fail, do not be afraid of the pain.
It may hurt, i know, but that's how it should be.
You need pain to understand how important it is to feel comfort;
To appreciate the little things life has to offer.
To see the things you've never seen before.
To hear the simple words that could make you smile again.
A thank you,
A sorry,
Or even a goodbye could be beautiful. To realize that there is a big, wide world waiting to be explored.
To summon all the courage and strength you do not know you have.
To do amazingly great things you do not even know you can.
To make you realize your potential.
To know that above all this you are still alive.
You feel the pain because you are alive.
It makes you more alive.
And in all of this hurtful experience, there is God -- making all things new for you.
There is pain because there is love, and there is love because of God.
Pain that is achingly beautiful.
You just have to look on the other side to realize this.
"Stop watering dead plants
that aren't meant to
bloom again"
Kiss past, goodbye.
Yes, you made a
wrong choice, but
that doesn't mean
you are a bad
In order to heal and start a new beginning, you have to forgive yourself for the past choices you have made. It does not define you, always remember that.
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