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dear basil,

please start drawing again
singing again
please start loving again
and living again

please start writing again

drink ur love life juice :))

dear basil,

just because a feeling doesn't go away
doesn't make it valid

persistence means nothing if it's going the wrong direction

maybe this is for u too, lovely. and also water. water is for u <3

dear basil,

happy easter :))
just one more year
dealing with your parent's
religious *******

don't get too mad
it's like that hypnosis said
"if it is anything negative
you will physically and emotionally feel nothing
it will be like watching a movie
and if it is effecting you in this life
you will be able to see it, and let it go"

of course, he was talking about
past life regression

but this is really just a past life waiting to happen

important note!! i don't hate religion or religious ppl, you guys can be great :)) however, my parents are a little,,, stricter abt it and it's caused a lot of tension uwu

but happy easter !! have fun and don't stay mad <3
also water **

dear basil,

i promise i'll go to sleep soon
as long as you promise you'll smile at me
if you see me in public

i swear i'll fix my posture
if you swear to celebrate your birthday this year

and i pinkie swear that i'll love you
if you always love me back

please get enough sleep and sit a little straighter (ahahh, no pun intended. if ykyk) and don't forget to love your--water **

dear basil,

you don't have to be in pain
to talk to me </3

i want to hear about your
good days

heyyy, i've missed u guys <3 i hope ur all doing well. make sure to tell the person in the mirror how amazing they are; cuz otherwise they won't know :))
drink water.

Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2020
If the door
Is closed

It's not your
genre: Abstract
Theme: If it's, it will
Rickie Louis Oct 2020
The unhappiness you're experiencing right now comes down to allowances.
The allowance of negative thought to entertain your mind.
The allowance of idleness.
The allowance of making choices against happiness.
The allowance of negative people.
Mostly it comes down to the allowance of time given for anything that will eventually cause you pain.
The same allowance can get you joy and satisfaction.
Salvation of time.
Make the right choice.
Note to self
eve Aug 2020
you ever wish you could click erase
press restart
to help yourself
move forward in life
without feeling like you’ve left something
far behind you
but to live in the past
is to never experience the present
even with all the opportunities in the world
i would trade
in exchange for being nonexistent
never mentioned
never accepted.
Ivy Chakma Apr 2020
To be forgiving is the hardest,
But the sweetest gift to the self.
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