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Apro Jun 2021
I think that the worse part is that  I know it's true
but accepting it is another thing
and I don't even know how to feel anymore
the loneliness is starting to feel comfortable
The best thing I've ever learned is how to find happiness in solitude.
Apro Mar 2021
The worst part is that I don't want to hurt the few people that love me
I keep going
I wake up and just exist.
If only they knew.
Apro Feb 2021
I feel numb
I feel tired all the time
I've stopped caring
I've been so scared
I don't even fear death at this point.
If I were to meet death
It would be with open arms.
Apro Feb 2021
Everything keeps building up
it's reaching the point where it's going to spill over
like a *** of boiling water
I don't even know what to do anymore
I don't want this to keep going the way it is
I don't even bother checking my phone anymore because I know that there's going to be nothing there.
every day is so ******* dry
I keep thinking about doing it
more and more
they aren't working
they did at first
but I feel like they are starting to do what everybody else is doing
giving up on me
I guess it's time
For me to give up too.
Apro Feb 2021
Every day is the same thing.
Wake up
No friends
It's so dark
So quiet
So lonely
So numb.
Apro Nov 2020
I've stopped caring about what other people think.
I'm doing things that make me happy.
I'm thinking things that are making me happy.
I'm saying things that make me happy.
I'm tired of people telling me what should make me happy.
I know what I need to be happy.
So I'm going to follow through
And be selfish for once.
Apro Nov 2020
I'm cold.
I need to be warm.
The only way is for me to get close to someone.
It hurts to get close.
I have to be alone.
It hurts to be alone.
I'm cold.
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