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Julie S K Oct 2020
Sweet treats just for me
I need to get some money
Sweets, they are not free

Sweets treats just for me
To the shop, I run so fast
Don't stop to think, go

Sweets treat just for me
Eyes look through the glass
Curly wurly yum

Cola bottles yum
Sherbert dip is so delish
Too much sugar, sick.
having a go at writing  a  Haiku poem, never tried before so forgive the mistakes.
Julie S K Oct 2020
Natures green with envy
The moons a deathly White
Sun’s Optimistic orange
And pitch black is the night
Julie S K Oct 2020
Halloween is the perfect night
To gather around by candlelight
Keeping warm from the cold
Whilst telling scary tales of old

Of Ghosts and Ghoules that dare to fright
And things that go bump in the night

So turn the lights down and gather round
No one dares to make a sound

Anticipation fills the air
For an unexpected scare

And as the story does begin
You wonder should you listen in?

As a shiver crawls beneath your skin

Are you brave enough to hear
Of zombies in the dead of night
Ghosts who wander in plain sight
Werewolf’s howling at the moon

‘I hope this story's over soon!’

Vampires looking for a bite
Skeletons that want to fight

‘Can someone please turn on the light’

That's really quite enough for me!
‘I think I'll go and make some tea’
fun poem about telling a ghost story and the feeling it creates
Julie S K Oct 2020
Though they walk down every street
To people that you want to meet
And take you where you want to go
Running fast or walking slow
They never seem to get the love
That the face does up above
They never let you down
yet they're forgotten on the ground
So maybe once a little treat
For your tired weary feet
fun poem, we are always using creams and potions on our face but never really care for our feet
Julie S K Oct 2020
No Phone, No phone, No phone's today
you have to put your phone away
No looking down at screens all-day
You have to put your phone away
Look up, look out, engage, be free
Without your phone now you can see

See me...

See here and now
Be here and now...with me

Real-life not fake

No phone today
Give it a break
Julie S K Oct 2020
One a rainy day you appear just to say
the rain will pass the sun will shine
and everything will be just fine.
your colours so bright light up the sky
but too soon its time to say goodbye
Where do you come from?
and where do you go?
I look forward to seeing you again
a lovely surprise after the rain.
joy in the simple things....
Julie S K Oct 2020
Just the word makes you
want to jump for joy
A time for a change a time to grow,
life returns after the snow
To see the flowers bloom so bright,
fills my heart with such delight
Longer days, sunny haze
watching animals as they graze
The smell of grass that fills the air
Makes me float without a care.
The season of change
The season of new
So much more to see and do
Bird song that once was gone
Now we hear them sing
We truly know that it is spring.
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