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xavier m Sep 6
Oh Lady heart eyes my heartaches of love
My heart bleeds the name of someone I mustn’t love
The moonlight sits on her skin so gently, she is made of stardust
A jewel of many colors no other reaches her beauty
Her simple words sing in my head as the birds do at the crack of dawn
I enjoy her company but I mustn't love another woman.
Another poem, I am anxious.
Sophie Sharp Jun 25
Take me
All I have
Every single inch
Absorb my soul
Into your core
Let us combine
Wake me
When you're mine.
Muneer Oct 2017
Hello friend,
Do you remember me ?
We used to date back in high school.
We havent talked much since then.
All I have been doing since then is,
search for you in others.
Now you ask me how am I?
And I said, I missed you.
You say, I am the sweetest
Oh, that must have made my day every single time.
I wouldn’t have become the man I am today,
If it wasnt for you.
I’m not a fool, nor am I fooling around.
Just telling you whatever my heart feels.
You can take my love for granted.
I’ll give it all to you.
Its always been yours,
I didn’t realise it until now.
At the end, just make me count for something.
Would you still give me a second chance?
Can you still be mine?
I hope you can stay mine, mine alone.
I keep searching for the answers in your eyes,
But all they tell me is that you are more than jst a friend of mine.
Inspired by Avicii - Friend of mine~
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