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66/F/Vancouver    ..a Canadian writer and published poet for many years; my poetry sometimes says much with just a few words. On the internet I have been ...
18/F/usa    Questioning the whole existence.


Terry Collett Mar 2012
Your mother had given you
a few coins to buy sweets

and on the way you met Fay
and you said

do you want to come
and buy some sweets?

and she said
I haven’t any money

and you said
you can share mine

if you tell me what you like
but she said

my father wouldn’t like it
if I had sweets he says

they rot your teeth
but she walked to the shop with you

thinking silently to herself
and outside the shop

you said
are you sure?

she nodded and stood outside
while you went in

and bought sweets
when you came out

she was waiting there
her eyes gazing at you

her tongue running over
her lips

you showed her
what you’d bought

and her eyes widened
here take one

you said
your dad won’t know

if you don’t tell him
she hesitated

her fingers lingering
over the bag of sweets

but what if he sees me
or smells them

on my breath?
she said fear entering her eyes

her hands falling at her sides
you put out a hand

and touched hers
it’s only a sweet

it’s not as if
you’re having a drag of a smoke

or sipping beer
she nodded and smiled a little

best not
she said

if he finds out
he’ll get angry with me

for eating sweets and lying
and you remembered

the bruises you’d seen
on her arms and thighs

that time
and you sighed thinking

as if eating sweets
was a big deal or a crime.
Gayathri Sarathi Oct 2013
Dreaming of rainy days
Beside my sweet heart
holding his hands, closeness to heart....
Oh what a day it was....
will the dream come true...

Yes it came true for two days..
Rainy days....
started my journey.. to his place...
carrying all dreams...
thinking his smile..
meeting him after three months..
whether to Hug or kiss first
how to start??
all the questions were falling into my heart..

suddenly came a pop message:
message me your coach no...
Train stopped...reached PKD
It was raining like hell...
i was little down..
eyes were searching for him...

Saw a flash of white striped T-shirt..
sparkling eyes searching for me..
and seeing the mobile for my message.
it was my sweet sail....
butterfly were flying inside my heart..
after seeing him....
first time in my life felt that hunger...
Saw me going towards him...

How to start...the smile which was seen after three months..
and he  saying,"Happy to c u here and my sweeto is with me..."
literally made me dumb..
He took my bag and holded umbrella in another hand..
got into an auto..
My sweet heart holding my hand...
closeness to heart..
Heat was felt...not only in my hand
which was holding him..
but also in my body..

climate was cold..
but heat was overruling it....
we were travelling
rainy days..
Sweets beside,,
it was dark..
seeing his eyes in the lighting light...
wanted to hold his face and kiss there...
but could not as the driver interrupted inbetween..

Reached his place..
He cooked and served the food,,
my happiness knews no bounds...
i felt O God wat a life,, u have given..
Im blessed....but didnt realise that it was temporary...
slowly after we cleaned the kitchen.

Moment came for my dreams to come true
Rainy days..
My sweets beside,,
room was dark
my hands was chill...
heart beat alone was heard in the room
it was complete silence..
how to start...
by the time i went near him he rushed hurriedly
holded me in his arms,,,and kissed me
saying cannot wait.....
heat was felt on the time i wanted to cherish the taste of his lips...and tongue.
he was inside me ..
O GOD im thankful to you for those beautiful moments...
Tears my eyes...i have got a guy who luvs me...and wants me...
but didnt realise it was temporary...

Rainy days are here,,,
Standing all alone......
Waiting for my Luv..

Sweets you have given those beautiful moments to me.....and taken away back all the happiness with you...

Miss you sweet heart...
I luv u a lot... ...plz come back to me..