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Jason Drury Feb 2020
City lights banter,
with the night.
We walk,
like water and,
with things unseen.
Step with tranquility,
alone with serenity.
Bhill Jan 2020
The whole decade thing came at us fast
Or did it
Was it really, what, 10 years?
*** (where the f¥€k did it go)
Surprising that it passes and so many people missed it
DO NOT miss the next one
Jump right in and start it robustly

Just mumbling some morning banter.....
I didn't even realise it was Friday...****
Brian Hill -2020 # 203
Morning rant and banter...!
how ***** does harry kane look when he scores for england.
requited love

the heart pounds
its engines and its seas -
mend and free.

unrequited love

in the wild and
desolate sea we drown
our hearts full
of sorrow.
loving you pleasantry
Ian Jun 2018
Haiku's are simple,
Succinct language and meaning,
With powerful truths.
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