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Ylzm Sep 2019
The enemies of my enemies are my friends
For peace is more efficient than hostilities
I share secrets with friends but secrets they remained
I speak only truths for truth is verifiable
Fools fight my wars for me, my hands unbloodied
Unseen, unknown, I am unattributable
But only as Friend to any and all
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
Not too hot,
not too cold,
is this the strategy you wanted to behold?

In this case
I was luke warm
by all your harm.

I wouldn't say I was drowning  
or flying for that matter,
but you did make me sadder.

Now I've learnt
how you come and go
and I've learnt to say no.

From now on
I decorate myself with white
and wait for you to once again bite.
Robert Cayne Apr 2018
Take this pawn
And its cousin kings and bishops
Wood flecked
With grooves gnawed by time
As it becomes you.
Nicholas Fonte Mar 2018
I'm sorry I didn't give you a say
But this is where I'll stay
I'm not going to run
I can't fail everyone
With this plan
I'll end this where it all began
Bonus points if you catch what this is referencing!
James Taylor Nov 2017
The world of today is as crazy as hell
Over populating cemeteries and prisons as well
I don’t know, can I go for a day or a minute
Without the possibility of another getting in it
I don’t mean to judge, but the love, I don’t see it
Seems we're keen to get it on,  if I'm wrong, then  so be it
Now, if you’re reaching this consensus, then the well runs deep
That the world has its issues and the people got beef

The government getting swoll from the toll off the backs
Of the Johns and the Janes, and the Jills and the Jacks
What we earn in return is a zero and a nothing
As the politicians lie, because it’s all about the fronting
Putting on airs for the world and a camera
Need a glass of water, cause their tongues’ got stamina
Smiling real pretty, cool posing in relief
But, the world has its issues and the people got beef

Oops, did he stutter, when he uttered an explicit
Live at five; another political statistic
**** if we do, **** if we don’t; really
Now, enter Uncle Trump; yeah; this is getting silly
He’s rolling out his plan, but see, the Congress ain’t buying
He’s an amateur, a fruitcake, and won’t stop lying
But, it’s not about you and it’s about me
See, the world has its issues and the people got beef

Who the hell are our enemies; and don’t you understand it
That the Russians and the Chinese are rolling up the planet
Kim is just a fat boy, playing in his backyard
ISIS is so over, and Assad is just a ******
Too much time on the swans and the bulls
When we need to get a handle on the weasels and wolves
The terrorist not withstanding, we’re gotta have peace
Cause the world has its issues and the people got beef

The Chinese are smiling and are as friendly as cobras
Ready to attack, when you bend your *** over
Russians are aggressive, but, sly as a fox
Two-faced as a ****** and  as ***** as socks
Bottom line, I think its time to put faith to the test 
Put diplomacy in a coma, cause it’s time to flex
Raise the bar and push them hard; show we're knocking out teeth
Because the world has its issues and the people have beef

Grab the big stick and leave the Twitter alone
Release the forces, scrap the voices, leave the weaklings at home
The strategies are on point and our forces are primed
Put an end to the posturing and the wasting of time
Time to command, not to pander,  Mr Commander-in-Chief
Cause the world has its issues and the people got beef
Hannah thomas Apr 2016
We are evenly matched
Or so I thought
So I let down my guard
Thinking I'm alright.

But I placed my bishop
Diagonal three spaces
Perfect position to
put you in check

Realizing that
I've made a mistake
You move your knight
Two spaces forward,

one to the right
Halting my advances
Leaving only my queen
To defend the pride of her king

I defend from your every move
Until you capture her.
Leaving my king exposed
And defenseless

You marvel at it but
Are quick to place her
with the others you have
Captured and controlled

My king scurries
Space by space
Anxious to avoid
The inevitable capture

I am exhausted
Avoidance of you
is utterly impossible
So I give in

I tip over my king
in total surrender
How quick you are
to ****** it into your hands

You revel in your victory
Clinging to my king
My last piece
My last hope

But how quick you are
to discard it
How quickly you let it
tumble down onto the pile

But I forgot..

To you

This is just a game of chess
Jeffrey Oliviero Jan 2016
It's crazy how time flies
Now I'm beginning to realize
I may have run out of time
While I was trying to find
My own path in life
Hit the gym, got a job,
And started acting right
New, improved, and much better
Than you'd ever expect.
I thought I found a recipe
That would earn your respect

So I read and I read,
Small books and articles.
"How to Win Back your Ex"
I followed the guidelines
Pretty much step for step
And I would bet
From both our perspectives
They were all checked

• Don't respond to her texts
• You can't be friends.
• Have to cut all threads
• Let her rebound and Do Not
  -acknowledge the threat
• Get right in the head,
  -start rediscovering Jeff
• Let her see you fresh out the gym
  -all covered in sweat
• Live on a prayer it goes noticed
  -and now she's impressed
• Planting a tiny, uncertain speck
  -of doubt in her head
• Then when you're 100% ready
  -go ahead, get on the ledge

I know it sounds stupid
But I polished my shoes
Bought some cuff links
To throw on my suit.
Hoping you'd see me
And choke on your food.
Just so I can be the guy
That knows what to do
Runs up and saves you
Then secretly delivers
The poem he wrote you
xtyenia Oct 2015
My life is like a Rubik’s cube. Too many twists and turns that are out of order and with every twist and turn comes havoc in anything already accomplished.
Written by: xtyenia
There's just one goal I want to meet
But what I always see is defeat
In order to be a champion
We must have cooperation and determination
All I ever hear is neglect and regret
but I must put on a big bet
Got to endure the risks
and hope for the best
To you, I shall leave the rest
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