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Whatever you say
I'm up to the task

I try but I know
I'll never be good enough

Realistic expectations,
Is that too much to ask?

Must be the best,
Nothing less
Than perfection

In everything I do,
I do it all for you
No room to fail with these 'expectations'

With every cut that's red,
With every bruise that's blue
I'll fall apart for you
For 'expectations'

With every tear I shed,
With every mask I bred,
There's nothing to be said,
I'm suffocating

The high bar has been set
There are goals to be reached
I can't stop until death
Either yours or one for me
Madison Nov 2018
He’s like a boa
Wrapped tightly around my neck
Strangling me to death

I dig my nails
Straight into his flesh
But he won’t let go yet

I don’t know
What it’s going to take
I ******* hate this ******* snake

No matter how hard I fight my feelings for you
You’re like a boa, strangling me, turning me blue
i Have no idea what this is.. it doesn’t make a lot of sense but I’m sick of you being in my head.
rebecca Sep 2018
It starts with a seed: small and dark
It starts to grow: a stem and a thorn
It grows some more: twisting inward on itself
Now its a bush: one that smothers
It has sharp thorns and soft, black leaves. they ***** out all of the light
It tightens around something soft. you cant feel it but you sense it
You keep watching the plant as it grows
once it was a seed, now a still growing plant
until one day... cant...
Zeyea Jul 2018
The heaviness on my chest,
the strangled breaths stinking of wafting toxicity,
the bloodstains on my hands
from a ****.
My mind is whirling,
and I wonder
if this is it
if this is insanity distorted past reality
if I am truly lost in this labyrinth of twisted smiles and white lies
if I have finally finally turned myself into a monster.
Nick Stiltner Jun 2018
Time has its hands around my neck, strangling me.
A diamond clock around my neck like Flavor Flav,
hanging off me, pulling my head down to the dirt.

The tortuous second, an arduous minute
I grind my teeth at the passing hour.
I squeeze each passing day, holding tightly,
but it always escapes between my fingers,
liquefying and dripping through, evaporating.

Wake and pace,
I wake and begin to pace.
Weaving a trail through the leaves at my feet,
the meadow floor becoming my revolving door
with only one exit, a blinking red sign
flashes, its arrow pointing directly down
imprinting itself in my pupil.

Sing the song of the day!
Whether it be swaying morning Jazz
or a night owls rhythmic hoots,
sing it loud and let it ring,
for you never know the last song you will sing.

Walk in circles, hum the tone,
whatever it takes to get you past that
glaring sun high in the sky at each passing noon.
Sam Apr 2018
People say hatred is wrong

That it means you're as bad as the very one you hate

But I beg to differ

Why can't I hate her for torturing me as a child

And trying her very best to make me sad

Why can't I hate him for doing the very same

For doing anything he can to made me feel pain

Just because he can't hurt himself enough

I've grown to hate myself

And as bad as that is

I just can't stop

I've grown up with such a toxic set of siblings

I might as well be the first to go

That's what they've always wanted

When they tried to strangle me

I still remember how it felt

When they wrapped their hands around my neck

It hurt
This is pretty deep but oh well.
Lexi Nov 2017
A shamed of who i am.
A shamed of what i am doing.
And horrified of what i have become.
It started as a hunger for anything.
A wish for that depth within something.
But slowly that desire i had is fading.
And -
The true glimpse of what i have started surrounds me.
The grip of reality and emotions plays loud in my hollow mind
It's hands devouring themselves around my already weak neck
Strangling this life i chose to live.
I thought it would end happily.
What I thought was wrong.
emme m Oct 2017
i'm in love with a ghost
and you're in love with me
two pretended souls
kiss me till i bleed

you strangle me at night
ripping every piece
loving you is a fight
dying in the sheets
... and my ghost's in love with me
Lexi Oct 2017
Held to the bottom
I want to release this numb feeling
To fee this emptiness
I want to defeat this memory
These unyielding ideas and stories.
I want to hit it down and strangle this life
I want to hold it down under the thick mud beneath my feet
I want to watch it take its last breath
To watch the insane life wither out of its eyes.
I want to **** it
I want to ****
If only i knew the truth.
If only i could tell you the truth.
I will destroy ME.
Ravanna Dee Nov 2016
A flood.
A torrent.
An endless pouring of doubt.
It fills.
It consumes.
It chokes and kills.
You don't see it.
But it's felt.
Inside the depths of my chest.
I'm dying.
It's strangling.
It continues to press.
I try and fail to breath
And the funniest part?
I put on a smile and make a joke.
And no one seems to see.
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