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Kamal Jun 2
I don’t know how I survived
Slammed the door on the past
Ploughed through uncertain present
Blindly charted a future
Searching for a love

Followed endless roads
Scared of looking back
Hoped for the best
Searching for a love

Time to rest
59 is knocking on my lonely door
Found no love
Thank you very much!
Kamal Apr 13
A summer breeze whispered in my ears
Of love, fame
And other grand things
Tempt me with
Sunset rays
Of a far away place

Wrapped myself in daydreams
Grew wings on faith
Picked up the pace
Forgot my place
And chased elusive ways
Of love and fame
And other sad mistakes
Chasing your embrace
Kamal Apr 13
Drifting through life
Me, myself, and I
Taking what is handed to me
Never asking for much
Never wanting more
Than a simple yes
Me, myself, and I
Scared of rejection
Terrified of ridicule
Drifting and hoping
To land on a solid ground
To anchor down
To feel your love!
Me, myself and I

Kamal Mar 12
Hold on tight

Hold on to the memories

Even if it takes centuries

Tomorrow is another day

Tomorrow is a better way

Tomorrow you will shine

Hope is devine

Tomorrow is a new day
Kamal Feb 21
You promised to save me
You promised
To quiet my pointless suffering
To wash my pain away
To hear about my deafening loneliness
Here I am waiting to hear a quiet footstep
Leading to my borderless isolation
Whispering a sweet song of liberty
Of a carefree life
A life inherently meaningless
You gave me a broken promise
And a false hope  
Of sanity
For a life lived on a borrowed time …
I love U
I love U

Kamal Nov 2022
San francisco
My eternal city by the bay
My home, my sanctuary, my playground
My everything then and now
Years spent hugged by your fog
Tucked between your rolling hills

Long days and sleepless nights
Cold days and rainy nights
Sitting in the dark
Thinking and plotting
Tears filling my eyes planning my goodbye
My escape
And not to return
San Francisco
Kamal Aug 2022
Why you can reach me
But I cannot
You text, I am there
I text
You are no where to be be found
Your holding your phone in your in hand
Did you put it down?
It is your third hand
Ignoring me, playing hard to get?
Do I bore you?
Just say so, **** it
I can move on …
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