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Kamal 1d
Stop the whine
Roll back the sadness
Hold off the tears

Love is here

Stand up
Dance on
Shout out

Love is here

Cancel the pity party
Send family and friends home
Tear up your cloth  

Love is here ...

I lie.
Kamal 1d
I have been here before
It has been a long time,
I give you that

Trying to be someone, anyone but me
I had so much to proof, not anymore
I was young, and for ever hopeful

I have been here before

I can do anything if so I desire
I can do anything but fight no more
Lonely as ever to my core
Tired, drained, and chained
I just want to lay down and rest for evermore

I have NOT been here before
Kamal 1d
Leave me be
Sitting in the dark
Reflecting on days gone by
Thinking of my past  
Regretting nothing but the void in my soul

Leave me be
In a swirl of chaos
Sung by melodies
Strung by promises
Stung by abandonment

Leave me be
On the verge of a cliff
Chastised by my mistakes
Chained by my wants  
Isolated by my needs

Just leave me be
I can only be me.
Kamal Jan 6
A look filled with desires
A hold of the hands
A tender kiss, again
A sensual touch of a stranger
2020 left me a prisoner
Locked up, isolated, quarantined
Deeply wounded
2021 set me free to love again
Or let me RIP
Kamal Dec 2020
I am not an alcoholic.
I drink to write.
I write to remember ...
My journey from the abyss to old age  
No pity is needed or warranted
Just leave me be ... with a drink
My past makes invincible
Pour me a drink with a side of summer breeze
I want to remember ... so I can breathe
Kamal Dec 2020
Rise and shine my dear ...
Your Green Card is here
Ten years of waiting, hoping, dreaming,
Rise and shine my dear ...
Your application is rejected.
You may appeal this decision.  
No lawyer, nor a friend: Neither a family
Appeal I did.
Rise and shine my dear ...
Your Green Card is here.
  Dec 2020 Kamal
I can’t take reality so I take pills.
I don't know if things will ever be ok again.
I’ve sunk so far I can no longer see the surface. Do you still love me? Am I still here? I don’t feel anymore. I’m not anymore. I float and sink and bob about beyond the surface below the ground.
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