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Kamal Sep 17
Tired of waiting for love
For some one to see through
Layers of pain and desperation
And brush off livid exasperation

Tired of waiting for the one
To hold me tight and say
Tomorrow is another day
Tomorrow you will shine
Tomorrow is a better day

Hold on to the memories
Even if it takes centuries
Love does not stand on ceremonies
Love knows no boundaries

Love is …… you … undoubtedly
Kamal Aug 25

Of a life lived with glory
Of a life shrouded in mystery
Of a life beckoned with victory
Of a life walked with liberty
Is no ordinary life
Kamal Aug 7
Desperation has prevailed
Down a spiral of doubt
I descend
Dialing a friend
Is not an option
Calling family
Is none sense
Falling in love
Is not in the stars
No lifelines left  
But a shred of hope
One day this will pass
I live another day
To write another line of despair
Kamal Jul 31
The sun rose today
I wonder why
My heart is bleak
My soul is clouded with despair

The sun shined today
Never mind
My faults were exposed
My shortcomings lay bared
My regrets dug in their heels

Take mercy on my crumbling state
Please don’t rise nor shine today
Paint the sky gray
Let it rain today
I know
And you know
The sky shares my pain
Kamal Jul 29
Came home today
Oppressive silence
Sun rays warming cold walls
Thought I lost my voice
Can I speak?
Could I talk?
Can I weave my words?
Knitting my vowels?
Stitching my consonants?
Forming sentences
Making sense again
I do not know
Have not spoken for long
Kamal Jul 25
No one!
Last one
A gaze
A sweet sweet gaze
A fast beat
A light kiss
A nimble touch
And …
A deep longing
No one!
Kamal Jul 19
Happiness is a mirage  
A fleeting oasis in a desert
Sadness prevails
Darkness falls
holding on
wary of defeat
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