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Ruth Nadler-Nir Oct 2019
Your name tastes bitter in my mouth
Though still I crave your lips
Trace my body with your finger tips

Your words or lack there of strangle me
Though I want you to embrace me
Let your whole being encase me

Your existence fills me with sadness
Though you used to bring me joy
So much power held in the palm of one beautiful broken boy
For the curly haired boy who held more power over me than he ever knew.
Ruth Nadler-Nir Sep 2019
thing of beauty
soaked in light
saturated with every emotion

You leave me weightless
static as skin

overwhelmed with the deepest of joy
when I get to stand in your rain
For the last few months I have just been overwhelmed with the beauty of the clouds in my city, and this poem is my love letter to them.
Ruth Nadler-Nir Jul 2019
Inhale. Exhale
Taste the blue
And wrap yourself
In the possibility
Of gold
  Jul 2019 Ruth Nadler-Nir
Alex B
We weren't in the least bit afraid
Of breaking any rules
Because it felt all too natural
To be any sort of wrong
  Jul 2019 Ruth Nadler-Nir
Alex B
She spoke a poem to me
Close to my face
And it went
She's the kinda girl who...
Just to have time with me
So she didn't have to
Brush her teeth
an old poem I found in my notes!
Ruth Nadler-Nir Jun 2019
The weight of your body on my chest
Limbs tangled, head on breast
Gentle exhale. Hair tickles my face
You enrapture me in every way;  your touch, smell and taste
Scatter tiny galaxies with each kiss
Warm fuzzy golden bliss
A poem about intimacy;   when you feel like you just can’t get close enough to someone and you dream that in that moment, you could just absorb into each-other and become one single being.
  Jun 2019 Ruth Nadler-Nir
too much of it means you're not living
too little, and it means the same thing
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