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FreeMind Oct 6
I wish I knew before it was too late
That she was the ****** in a book left unfinished
Because I, the author, had my mind busy writing the wrong story
October 07, 2019
  Oct 3 FreeMind
harlon rivers
...a diary of the falling dominoes chapter

invisibly dying from the inside out
no one is looking into unseen eyes
no one can hear a muted voice fading
no one is close enough to be near

the deafening thrums echo
anxieties’ racing heartbeat
within morphing flesh shell ,
gasping for new breath
in a hovering stale silence

from a distance
the broken mirror ricochets a subdued light ;
much closer the reflection reveals
someone I once knew by heart

now an unrecognizable mask
enshrouds a terminal emptiness
inconspicuous at a fleeting glance ,
impossible to discern what storms rage
from the inside out ,... unnoticed  

an uncontained wildfire
smoldering within,  lies in wait
for the imminent winds of change
to fan the flames into the final
eternal silent ashes

a poet reaches out demurely
offering a candid look
into the window
of the imperfect human soul

there is no poetry
met by indifference
just gathered unread words scribbled,

squandered time
dripped slowly on an empty page ;
moments turn into days
days turned into years

invisibly dying from the inside out
an unfinished life trickles out
like seeping blood evanescing
from a bottomless puncture
wounding ... penetrating the heart,
leaching out the slow death of a poet

for poetry is only words unless they touch someone ...

befallen to indifference is poetic death
by salted paper cuts ...

a muting suffocation
that hiddenly erodes away,
silencing the passion
of a musing soul
one unread word at a time ...

© harlon rivers ... all rights reserved
it is an enigma how poetry evolves in meaning over time
― like a self-fulfilled prophecy, some become transformational, some become new beginnings or some become a finality of a metamorphosis of peaceful endings or deleted attempts at understanding the misunderstood...

... all to be determined and allowed to let be

FreeMind Sep 16
Did I see you?
Was it you walking behind me today?
Or have I gone completely insane?

I'm painting your face on strangers
Seeing you in the eyes of other men
Visioning you like a ghost in a haunted house.

I let your presence surround me
Invade me.
And yet it isn't even you, just a dream, just an illusion
I don't want you to stay. Please leave me alone.
September 16, 2019
FreeMind Sep 14
There is a mole on your cheek
Right on the side of your lips
It wrinkles when you smile
Is that why you cover your face with your palm when you laugh?
Or are you just trying to seem polite?
You wipe your face with a napkin even before the food arrives
You stay at home on rainy days in fear of water
That could magically wash away all your make up
You sit in the dark corner of the restaurant afraid of too much light
That could draw too much attention to you
What are you afraid of?
You hide yourself behind the covers of books in public places
Staying a few steps too far from the general crowd
Hoping that the person looking your way forgot their glasses at home
And all for what?
Why are you terrified of exposure
When in my eyes you look like the first flower of spring?
September 14, 2019
FreeMind Sep 9
and what else is there for me to see
in a world in which i am no longer free
September 10, 2019
FreeMind Sep 6
My thighs and wrists were painted red
but the paint would not stop dripping
So I drank medicine for my head
but it still would not stop spinning
That's when I made myself a choker necklace
but it was way too loose around my neck.

Some little girls should not be left alone...
September 6
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