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  10h FreeMind
Zane S
fall in love with someone
who treats your scars
like birthmarks
  10h FreeMind
My heart
A road map of twisting roads
So many different ways
Please take it slow

My love
Brighter than the midnight stars
Bigger than the universe
Especially where you are...

My dreams
Extend beyond deepest sleep
My needs are like your's
Someone close I seek

To Have
To hold
To sleep with me in peace
Come and take a nap
Set your dreaming free!!
Traveler Tim
  4d FreeMind
I know this seems crazy
And surely  I’m
A mere buffoon
I have come
To deliver you
From the darkness
Of your gloom
The place where
You hide the
True wishes of your heart
I’m that artiest
You are my art
Aesthetically beautiful
I can't get enough
Oh how I need  
Your lovely stuff!!!
Traveler Tim

Lonely tonight!
Remember when I cut my hands
and wrists
and you told the world
behind my back

I'll remember
when you smoked
did drugs
skipped class
messaged a stranger back

Tell the world
Behind your back

You stabbed me
caught by surprise

I cleaned the knife
ready to get you back

I'm not all about revenge
this is only what you deserve

I need help
You need help

We're never going to help ourselves

Better tell someone
it only hurts more
this way
At least I give things back
You take things for yourself
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