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GQ James Sep 2021
Don't let them step all over you,
Put your foot down and keep it down,
You hold all the cards,
You have more power than you realize,
Take a deep look and you shall see,
Never let anyone treat you unfairly,
You don't need them,
They need you.

You can poke the bear but so many times,
Until they just can't take anymore,
Don't allow to take advantage you,
Stop playing their game,
Play your own game,
Don't follow their rules,
Live by your own rules.

I may not be perfect but I care for you,
They ain't never cared,
They only care about themselves,
Only out for themselves nobody else,
Look around and you'll see what's true,
The truth always reveals itself.

Stand up for yourself not stand still,
It's not okay to be mistreated,
Never let anyone mistreat you,
You deserve better don't accept nun less,
Respect yourself and others will as well.
Jewel Aug 2020
you are
capable of so much more
than just some being


you are deserving of so much more
than what you are receiving
to witness the worst
is the worst
but continuing to inhabit
is robbing the
of life.
Joshua Penrod Nov 2019
Let your losses be losses
And just sew up the hurt
Where it bleeds

Sometimes closure just seems to be too much to ask for
My sweetheart is a man's man heiress
Her man must be a carbon copy of Jupiter, her father,
An alpha, a beta, a kappa, an omega male altogether
A carpenter by trade,
The epitome of masculinity
Who could solve any math problem in a second
And knew how to fix everything
A car, electric, plumbing
A family hero, a handy man
Who built houses from the ground up
He could swaddle a baby's nightmare properly
Open doors to the winds of sadness
And pull chairs to the lights of happiness
And he could dress every day to the nines
Infusing in her heiress forever wine 's bouquet
And the love of animals.
So consequently
My sweetheart is an animal 's animal heiress
She eats meat only  if it has a label on it
Saying that animals are not  caged
Or mistreated in anyway.
irsorai Apr 2019
Emptiness crippling the walls,
Steps dragging the shallow bodies.
It's been too long since it was spoken,
& words feel as broken as scarce touches.

Call my name,
I've been lost in my thoughts.
Copyright © irsorai
03/04/2019 - 7:22pm
irsorai Dec 2018
Empty as a broken drawer,
The breathing slowing
Drowning in hollow thoughts.

You are alive but not living.
You are aware of nothingness.
& you are grooved in the habit.

I am empty,
slowing breathing,
& drowning in thoughts.

You are cemented...
There... that...

I am alone!
Copyright © irsorai
30/12/2018 - 7:45am
Quin Rosenheart Dec 2018
I'm hopelessly in love
with someone who'd rather
push and shove
I feel so distant yet
they make me feel close
but really they're farther
than they've ever been
and I try to save
but they turn me away like
the tears on an
abandoned child left
on a deserted door step
I feel so very lonely
in this world full of
mixed matched feelings
broken dreams
and shattered hearts
they continue every day
to give me false hope
just enough to fall in love again
and I feel like a wicked candle
lit on fire with burning passion
just to be extinguished
and forgotten about
until they embark on a dimly lit date
with someone other than me
Thorns Nov 2018
Shy Girl hides beneath her hood

Her hair covers her face

Her headphones blare a beautiful sound

Protecting her from this evil place

She is lonely


And loved only one guy

Who killed her inside

Her soul is dark

Crawling with demons and rage

At war with herself

"Which wolf will win? Good or bad? The one you feed."

If you had a heart you'd end her suffering

She hides this all inside

On the outside it's just Shy Girl
I stay hidden beneath the drapes of sight.
MalakF Jul 2018
Your method of parenting does not work.
You can't deprive a plant of light
and expect it to grow.
So why do you deprive me of happiness
and expect me to not drown
in sadness?
Poetic T Jun 2018
I hugged the thought of you,
         but the bruise's still hasten
the reflection of me in the mirror.
Was this me, or was this the naughty
boy you told me I was,
                          without a word spoken.

Can I only fall so many times?
          I'm always  tripping over your insecurities?
Why would I be your anger vocalized
on my features
                     never the face.
Where reality sinks in,
showing your guilt,
hidden under a cloth of  luminous pain.

It shines in so many colours that ache when
                                                   ever they arise.
Some shades deeper than a reflection,
             and I weep on those rainbows inside,
for nothing is bright,only shades linger.

I was never the  gold at the end
                              of the rainbow.
You just thought I was the puddle,
trying to forfeit the brightness,
      I was a rainbow that shined,
                   in the pain of your misgivings.
Not all dads are awesome some are just plain ****-wits in my case step-dad
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