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Mackenzie Mar 2020
I saw that you were drawing up stories of you and I so
I reached out and you reached for an eraser and I wondered what it would take for you to drop it and pick me up instead
but you held it so tightly determined to rid yourself of the past, present or future
But there's always a trace of the past on the next page
where your pencil left traces
You flip through books and rip out your favorite pages
but write about the skeletons that you have trapped in those cages and
I wondered if i had the right key
would you open your box of bones for me
so that I could prove to you that I will never leave before you awake
That I pray the lord to take my soul  way before
he would ever take yours
because I could never face it
to live without you
Because my heart still beats every time that you draw me up and erase it
Because I loved you but I rotted away
Waiting for placement
Mackenzie Feb 2020
I wrote fantasies and I wrote about sleep
I wrote about demons and
how they danced around a fire in my dreams
I wrote about skeletons in my closet that suffocated me
I wrote about monsters that I rolled around with
In my sheets and when “I love you”
Used to sound sweet
I wrote until my brain stopped flooding and my fingertips began to bleed

       i wrote until it
          Became easier to
Mackenzie Jun 2019
I want you to know there is glitter inside my bones
And sunshine inside my soul
So if you ever feel cold
You must consider that
It did not come from me
You have debris and cloud
And you’re buried underneath
I have been polished like a diamond wedding ring that I wished for upon dandelions and I hoped the seed would settle in your chest
But your eyes were dark brown and you were never the calm before the storm you were the storm and the mud that left tracks in my house where I would clean up your mess because your mess has always been mine and when I drank coffee you drank whiskey bc your eyes were dark brown and they burned down the town and we drove through the streets screaming this is our city and while your bones were hollow I kept telling you there was glitter in mine and the cloud that hunger over your head refused to let you see sunshine
I am not the reason you are cold
I have tried to plant sunshine in your soul
Mackenzie Jun 2019
I miss the way your kiss felt electric and
Your laughter got me high
I miss the way that we made lightening between my thighs and baby, baby, baby….. blue eyes
Summer skies
Sun kissed skin and you
Are my favorite sin.
Mackenzie Jan 2019
I wish that I would've fallen in love with someone
who loved me as hopelessly as I loved you
so I could have experienced what it's like to be someone's world in the palm of their hands
so I could know what it's like to see someones world stop
and not just feel it

In my imagination
Without me, he couldn’t stand to be alive
By my side
hand in hand
and if he dropped me, his world stops turning
Yearning to keep me

Put me in your  hands
hold me as if i were the most fragile piece of your own soul
I am the world
I’ll keep you whole
Don’t forget
The world is in the palm of your hands
Drop me and
Your life turns to sand

On the clock
The hands stand still
As you drop me
Against my will
Only had you loved me as hopelessly as i loved you
Maybe you’d understand my obsession
You caused my depression

In my dreams
You held me and told me
I am more perfect than the moon
Had you loved me in the slightest measure that i loved you
I would not envy the sky because in his eyes
I was the stars and the comets in which
We wished for infinity lives

I wish I would have fallen in love with someone who loved me
Til the world stops
I want to be sky that you admired
never take your eyes off

Jealous of the open sky
The satin sunset we gazed into
Was always prettier than me
He held me in our satin sheets
I prayed he saw the universe in my eyes

He dropped me
His world did not stop turning
The ache in my heart
It’s burning
The hands on the clock
Stand still at the time of my demise
When my heart was shot
I still visit the scene of the crime
Mackenzie Jan 2019
she tried so hard to fight loneliness
she dedicated her life to finding companionship
and when she had no more life to give, they rewarded her dedication with a casket fit for one
Mackenzie Jan 2019
I know who I am
My moral's
Things that cannot shake me
But I'm drowning in my sorrow's
All of the things that continue to break me
I have let the bad things shape me
Mold me into a form I do not recognize
I know who I am
She is very hard to find
Under the debris and
The dark night's I can still see
My moral's
the things that cannot shake me
But I let the bad things break me
I dig and I dig through the mess
I’m depressed
My moral's may be something
I silently put to rest
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