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TheWitheredSoul May 2019
When your kisses started to fade and your sighs started a charade
I understood ,eventually
I would have to love you from
far away.
Love you
TD Jul 2018
I watch as the roaming sea
(whose wandering rivulets unravel
posthumous biographies
with nuances corroding
the mystery of untouched sands)
fills rivers with muffled words.

My eyes travel
(distances beyond our curdled whites
to shores whose cultured tones
roll like restless hills
lamenting their broken lines)
with ships and dying sunsets.

You are venturing
(to dive in mermaids' coves
revealing their buried tales,
wrapped in murky clouds
of tenebrous veins)
and I am content

--to whisk a limpid hand
(in churning waters' waves
reflecting your seeking gaze
and the wanderlust
that simmers)
through my most desolate sighs.
Just a side note...if you get rid of the words in parentheses, the poem still stands alone.. in a brevity piece.
Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
He last called my name,
Then he could speak no more,
I have seen many deaths,
I knew he was going to die.
They hospitalised him,
To check what was wrong.
I sat by the bed praying,
He breathed fast,
In between long sighs,
His eyes were glassy,
I asked for forgiveness,
He moaned,
Nodded several times,
I began to cry,
He was with the angels,
Reliving his past.
It is coming to an end,
The beeps on the machine slow,
Tears fall from his left eye,
He gives a heavenly smile,
Looks at me lovingly,
Let go of my hand.
The machine beeps no more,
Gently I close his eyes and mouth,
Straighten his legs and hands,
He was gone peacefully.
A man of great patience and love,
He gave all and asked for nothing.
My husband was a diabetic and very sick.He was kind and loving.
So what you gained a little weight
It won't make a difference to me when your legs are up in the air and I'm in between there
The more of you I get to touch
The better things are
Don't worry about being fat
Because you won't be
But thicker thighs
Save lives
With deeper sighs
Of pleasure
Don't worry about the measure
I'd still be enjoying what I see
Pure as the Seven Seas
You'll always be more gorgeous then me
Never forget that
I'll still want to get you finished on surface bumpy or flat
You can teach me yoga on your yoga mat
That's how I see that
Stanley Wilkin Oct 2017
Riding by the upturned glen
forever chaste
she rarely stopped for gasping men
wan and waste
but riding and ridden
she flew into the trees
seductively bidden
parted her knees
and enveloped by sighs
she opened her thighs.
We only danced like floating shadows
in mesmerizing daydreams
                       wistfully yearning
                       to drift as light as shapeless air

Warm brush of skin seemed so tangible
across the  distant horizon
                       touching souls
                       only in the throes of musing dreams

Sailing blindly down unmapped winding river shorelines
                       tiptoes touch
                       at shallow waters’ edge

                   "Close your eyes" ...  swim afar
                       where feral currents beckon
                       waft away adrift
                       in a moonstruck daydream trance

Only in sumptuously
                       lucid night dreams
                       we swim stark-naked
                       in a sea of sublimity

Plunging into an alluring metaphysical abysm
                       into the secret titanic depths
                       azure oceans bathe

Plummeting from the edge a Utopian threshold
                       swirling beneath restless
                       swollen waves crest

Unraveling  passion’s prevailing tidal maelstrom
                       the wanton estuary
                       where lovers yearn to swim

Yet … I’ll drift away alone in this restless moonlit solitude
                       fly by night through star dust
                       showered cosmos scenes

                       crash into naked stars
                       in their luminescent splendor
Imbibe a spellbinding elixir yellow moon on the rise

Only in dreams before morning dewdrops gather
                      impearled flesh glistens
                      on the cotton beach of dawn

Awakening sighs replaced by warm enraptured whispers
                      the sensual asylum
                      passion tenderly betides

Splendidly improbable entrancing reverie
                      inspiring indefinable
                      enchanting realms

Awakening to another lonesome daybreak
                      the outgoing tide,
                      drowning in the trove
                      beautiful dreams befall

            Someone you used to know
Thanks for reading
unnamed Jun 2017
i told him i loved him
i lied
i knew i lied
not right away
but eventually,
i did

he showered me
with his so called love
but all i gave him
was what i thought
was love

he did love me though
well from what he said
i believed him
after the way
i've been acting
im pretty sure he did

i dont know
how i letted it go
but somehow
i didn't love him no more
Maria Etre Oct 2016
Someone told me
our bodies contain
enough carbon to make 900 pencils
ending it with
"you can write with your body"

First, let my body meet yours
let our fingertips touch
and let our bodies
yearn to start
some good writing
tease our carbons
to create, to begin
to fall
to blend
to melt

Now darling
the only way I'd begin a poem
is with you
starting with a kiss
a capital kiss
for the first letter
of the first word
should be bold
and beautiful
silent but loud

The sentences my body start
yours finish
no matter how long
"run on's", fragmented they are
you start I finish,
I start you finish

Interrupted by breaths
gasping for life, inhaling
the souls of muses
and exhaling such beautiful
poetry, such deep writing
that only our bodies know how
to create, how to read, how to vocalize
how to share

Stanzas interrupted by moans
that sing and hum the hymns
of poetry that cannot be
embodied in words
moans that orchestrate
leading our bodies
to dance
to love
to enjoy
such intensity
that my pencils fail at

Let my body write with yours
and re-write the ways of love
edit, proofread, scratch, claw
mark and re-create
new ways of falling
of loving, of sighing
let my body write with yours
and bask under
such powerful chemistry
where carbon burns
And flames

Let's write
sucheta May 2016
When I exhale,
come out long, deeply drawn sighs
slithering out of bottomless
abyss within
Ringing out loud
its cold echoes
piercing my ears
enveloping heart in a chilling vacuum
filling every pore
so much
that I dread to exhale
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