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A cat is mischief incarnate
from claws to whiskered nose.
He spreads his form indiscriminately
whenever and wherever he goes.

19% in his tail;
the sweeping fluff of doom.
23% in the wailing cries
that wake you in nighttime gloom.

8% in the claws and teeth
which teach the unwise to take care.
31% in the legs; carrying him
from disasters- he caused- everywhere.

19% in the eyes that direct
these ongoing rebuffs of fate:
surveying all that smacks of horror
in the humans who are always too late.
Knocking things off surfaces, shredding toilette paper, sleeping on clean clothes, racing the hallways at night and the yowling. They are the best and worst roommates; without even considering the litter boxes.
abby Jul 2018
the vicious fingers of the handmade glass doorknob
the hieroglyphic eyes of the mirror on the wall
the curious shriek of the crystal goblet

scratch my arm by surprise
slice my solitude
slash my blue simulacrum

I sever my self away
Manuel Black Sep 2017
The night is dark, and full of terrors
So much dark days
Even the lights seem to struggle.
I heard there is a beast now lurking around
Even lovers don't seem to cuddle.
Plenteous scarcity of good
Amidst the abundance of evil.

Some heard:
"Thou shalt not do evil."
Others only need a Simon,
to let em know:
"That there is no beast in these shadows
It's only the King of the Flies perching around
Atop a filthy desire to create evil among their kind.

Alas, they'd better know tho'
That that incarnate resides in us all
We'd better Recognize!
Muse: The Lord Of The Flies by William Golding
My love you are glowing from inside and outside as well
Please give me some space in your beauty just to dwell
You beauty is so glorious and I am totally under the spell
You are the supreme beauty of universe just let me tell

How can I pay tribute I do not know and have no words
My innocent emotions are hovering around you like birds
Book is yet to be opened still I am going through forewords
After tasting your beauty I have left behind all drunkards

Let my love go on a love date to understand ,reciprocate
My love is always straight and your beauty is so great
My enlightened light my heart solace and my soulmate
You are in me like my life and our souls are to incarnate

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Prabhu Iyer Mar 2016
Yes, I am the same God
that dwells among you
Grace incarnate
again and again
in times and among peoples
various as the stars

if that mighty being
beyond all description
but experience
ever begat anything
it is but me,
me, love and grace

wherever the heart shrinks
and tyranny reigns
and lust and greed
masquerade as law
into that parched desert
do I descend, when
Jordan baptizes the soul

Ichthys of God, I make twelve
the anglers of fisherfolk
who cast their nets wide
and catch me in their soul
so they can behold
Him, that I am,

no greater miracle than this
was ever made
Ichthys, as you know, is the mystical 'Jesus Fish'. Some Lent meditations

Nicole M Grubbs Jan 2015
Your body is the temple I worship at,
your soul is the river in which I bathe, uncovering of your flowering mind of wondering that delicately hide away. Glistening in it's cave,
your eyes are the windows
that open for me.
Teleporting on a fresh flowing breeze,
one minute I'm earthly plane incarnate and in the next,
out of body celestial sea.
Prabhu Iyer Aug 2014
My menorah is three-branched:
three the lamps that light my firmament
one, ineffable, more ancient than time
the other immanent,
and the third, the Lamb, incarnate love.
I drank of the them in a drop
of the tears the autumn sky shed.
Yea, I held a camphor to the skies.
An eternal flame, that
burns in the chamber of the heart
where I stand anointing the beloved's
feet in perfumed oil. This crimson eve
when the shadows return,
I kneel lost in the light of his love.
A silken stream from the unknown
that gushes silent in the creeks
of the heart, where I sit in gratitude
feeling the warmth in my palms.
To the holy Trinity, The Supreme, the Spirit and the Incarnate, the eternal triad that pours down to us who are of time.

— The End —