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The Effects of Memory
by Michael R. Burch

A black ringlet curls to lie
at the nape of her neck,
glistening with sweat
in the evaporate moonlight ...
This is what I remember

now that I cannot forget.

And tonight,
if I have forgotten her name,
I remember ...
rigid wire and white lace
half-impressed in her flesh,

our soft cries, like regret

... the enameled white clips
of her bra strap
still inscribe dimpled marks
that my kisses erase ...

now that I have forgotten her face.

Published by Poetry Magazine, La luce che non muore (Italy), Carnelian, Triplopia, Net Poetry and Art Competition, Poetry Life & Times, The Eclectic Muse, Strange Road, Inspirational Stories, Kritya and Centrifugal Eye

Keywords/Tags: Memory, effects, affects, hair, ringlet, neck, moonlight, vapor, evaporate, bra, clips, wire, lace, flesh, dimpled, kisses, erase, name, face
Janice Feb 21
I took a hit to fly away that day
I should of known the high wont last
Because when the crash came
Like a fast train
The dripping rain stopped
The flashing lights drined
And i passed out for 3 whole days
In a puddle of freezing rain
That was my skin
That was my brain

I woke up in a full body shake
Need another hit just to stay awake
To speed me up to keep me sane
Maybe ill at least remember my name
Or maybe this is all a game

And thats a thought
My brain can't shake
My whole life is
An endless earthquake
All my emotions are becoming fake
The high is the only taste i take
Driving me to keep up the pace

I need more to get the same effect
My mind hurts, i need a rest
Gotta stay high to keep at my best
With the crash comes
The crippling distress
Of all my thoughts
Rushing and pressed
Into my consciousness
Im out of breath
Everytime i do this
Im nearing my death
Comfort May 2019
Alright, perhaps I'm listless

Drained, by my past now gone

So, please don't get ahead of yourself  

You won't find what you're hoping for

But I do hope you're not disappointed

I can only be who I am, to who I try to be

But if you so choose to go on with me

I hope you remember what was said from the beginning

Don't tell me that you love me
Because I won't love back
Don't tell me that you need me
Because I don't need that
Don't tell me that you want me
Because I'm on my own


When it all start to whittle

Remember every bit of what was said, every bit of it  

Yes, maybe I want to be by myself

Not wanting anyone else

But I'm not

For I truly hope you're not disappointed

I could only be who I am, to who I try to be

But if you so dare, to go on

Don't you use those words, those gestures,  

Or even make promises that hold no meaning to you

Because to me they will and once they do I hold on to them

While I'm easily crippled, to be repaired with side effects.

If I was to be honest I don't know either.
Based of lyrics Alone by Bazzi
John Reilly May 2019
at 4 A.M.
you do these things
they become habit
eating in the middle of the night
waking up as routine
contemplating your plight
of you
what you do
in the middle of the night
is that really you
or a symptom
or side effect
did you choose the road here
or is it a neurological pathway
a chemical imbalance
a plaque to your horror
at 4A.M.
taking things apart
or are they
wrote this ages ago it seems but never posted.  I'm actually sleeping past 4AM now which helps my sanity a ton!  Thanks trazadone.
Jacob Reilly Sep 2018
I smile to keep my pain and suffering hidden away from the people who make my life a living hell... Because they don't realise the effects that they have on the people who they hurt. Sometimes, the pain gets so bad, I don't smile. I just keep a neutral face... without emotion because emotions are what lead to other issues.
Maxim Keyfman Aug 2018
again hit the nail
what is next to the verses
what is next to the most beautiful
and the most wonderful phenomenon

again hit him
again with his right foot
how sick of it
how sad from this
why is he doing this to me so
this nail


Check out this poem I performed @WordnSound
Danial John Feb 2018
I will be available
On the day of the event
If you are interested in this opportunity
Please contact me

You'll find her in a moment
I really want to be involved with her
I'm not going to be able and I don't want to
Do anything for her anymore

Seth is not a human
But if you ask me about this
I think I should have asked you
In my mind and the fact that I am not going back
I wrote this using only auto predict on my phone
Prakhar Khare Jan 2018
I was taught
Beauty is abstract, it can’t be purchased
Later I found people taking 30 days challenges
To get it faked

I was taught
Acnes are due to adolescence
But now people don’t have them
Thanks to Candy Camera Fluorescence

I was taught
Grace comes with knowledge and meditation
But people came with another way
They started shutting down their lactation

No one is black or brown
No one is fat,
No one is frown
Swagger is on high
Spirituality somewhere left to die.
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