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Mida Burtons Feb 6
i’ve lost our footprints in the sand
lost to your tide
Mida Burtons Jan 4
all the pain that i've felt
i can feel washing away
every word of his, it's like
a brand new day
Mida Burtons Nov 2019
my mind feels black
swallowed up in darkness
nothing can save me
i dont need saving
this is where i want to be
lost and isolated
from him
from them
left only with the words inside my head
and the blade inside my hand
and the blood on the ground
and the dried tears on my face
he cant hurt me here
he wont hurt me
these arents his words anymore
they're mine
Mida Burtons Oct 2019
while i was there, you never noticed
but now that i've left
you're hoping
that i'll be back running
into your arms crying
but that reality is left broken
after the choices that you made
mum, dad, it's all too late
i wanted things to change
in the end, you're all the same
i'm sorry that you're upset
but it was you who let it get
to the point where i finally left
you alone in that house
that i was forced to call home
i'm making things change
i'm finding my own way
no longer could i stay
and that's something you need to understand
Mida Burtons Aug 2019
an icy wind
choking the breath from my lungs
i remember the storm
and all it took
it stayed inside
locked away
a burning shadow
no time to waste
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