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Will Rogers III May 2015
The water
Moves like
Silk upon
An unmade bed,
Which held
A couple in love
The night before.

The water
Shines like
Blue gold,
Worn by
A recently crowned

The water
Sings like
The last
Of an
Musician at the
Bar down
The road.
[composed on May 22, 2014]
Will Rogers III May 2015
“Is this what friendship
With her looks like?”
I ask myself.

“Ignore and pray.”
I tell myself.

“Maybe I’m just tired.”
I tell myself.

“Shut up and move on.”
I tell myself.

“She doesn’t like you;
She’s just being herself.”
I tell myself.

“What the hell am I
I ask myself.
[composed on May 22, 2014]
Will Rogers III May 2015
I think,
after reading my work,
The best compliment I could receive
Would be the kind without words;
The kind where, as you finish reading the last word,
You slowly close your eyes and smile.
Nothing more.
[composed on May 21, 2014]
Will Rogers III May 2015
I had one of those dreams
One that you remember,
Like a long hug from a close friend
Or the present you received from your brother.

For the first time, I knew I was dreaming.
And I did not want to see it come to an end.
And so I treated it like a gift from above.

In this dream,
I was falling,
falling down.

I fell in pitch darkness with
Nothing around me but cool,
still air I fell through.

I was not afraid
For I knew there was no bottom;
No end to my descent into the black.

I felt free, comfortable and safe.
I flipped and dove, twirled and turned.

And I think God was saying,
“William, live life to the fullest, You are in my hands.”
[composed on May 21, 2014]
Will Rogers III May 2015
I wonder how
And when
And why
I will die.
[composed on May 20, 2014]
Will Rogers III May 2015
[composed on April 14, 2014]
Will Rogers III May 2015
If only he would listen
To that which is true
He would for once glisten
And not feel so blue.

If only he would hear
The simple beauty
In each moment here
And appreciate it truly.

If only he would let go
Of that which is killing him
Each day is another blow
Instead of a hymn.

Brighter days will come
He believes they will, or else he's dumb.
[composed on April 6, 2014]
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