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Wellspring Aug 2019
I find that our language
Is nothing but screams.
Screams that trigger a deep urge,
Somewhere inside us,
To scream back.
And so our speech becomes
A twisted language of pain,
Understood only by those
Who bear the agonising weight of life.
I actually included lines similar to these in a personification essay that I did. 'Twas fun to write.
Wellspring Jun 2019
Do you know, that feeling?
That excruciating sharp pain?
It shoots through you sometimes,
After a bad ending,
A death ,
A life broken away from yours,
But not gently.
Heavens forbid.
It is;
Shredded and crushed.
What is it they call that again?
Ah, yes.
That's right.
Heart Break.
um yeah? not heart broken, just bored because guess what i have next week?!?! EXAMS. so **** mad.
Wellspring May 2019
I often get a little bit of inspiration,
Just here and there.
And I can pump out products
With great amounts of confidence.
But soon,
My precious inspiration,
My lifeblood and soul,
Shall leave me just a shell of my former self.
literally the only reason I write poetry is misery and occasionally rain.
Wellspring May 2019
As much as life gives you
little to work with,
You get a lot back
from the little good you give.
And so, it seems,
that over the years,
I might not have been good enough,
as bad karma seems to be biting me in the ****.
I'm bored and crying. Don't mind me.
Wellspring May 2019
I wonder what is to come;
what will be.
The future is inexplicable and vast;
full of possibility and promise,
devastation and destruction.

No one knows their future
mysterious and cloaked in darkness
so much of it shall come at chance;
the good
and the bad.

As I can't connect
everything with everything,
Life shall go on
And I shall stay in my state
of innocent bliss.
um. yeah. little stressed about having to figure out what I'm doing with my life at the end of this year.
Wellspring Feb 2019
It's the most surreal feeling
Walking down a street that
Should be full of noise and traffic,
But for some reason, it's not.
A sad ukulele strumming away in your ears,
The sounds of the wind,
The birds,
The trees,
All accompanied by the empty streets,
And the grey clouds moving slowly overhead.
So this happened this morning. It was weird.
Wellspring Nov 2018
Yeah, that'll get you places.
As the multitude of students waste away hours,
Studying, stressing, vomiting, anxious,
The hope that we'll eventually reach our dreams,
Yeah, that's barely what keeps us going.

We know our parents are pushing,
Always pushing,
For us to have the life they dreamed of,
But never had.

Do they ever think?
Does it ever cross their mind,
That maybe we don't want that?
Or maybe we want to make them happy,
So we push ourselves farther than we can go,
Just to keep them thriving,
For the last few years of their lives.

So instead of them checking on us,
Making US happy in our own life,
We are pushed, told,
"Study Harder" and "It's worth it!",
But I get the feeling,
Even with a university degree,
I'll still end up depressed, anxious,
And be worried about the future,
And with a debt that will just keep growing.
Somehow, my hatred for exams seems to be one of my biggest poetry motivators.
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