Wellspring Sep 10
I stand on this roof,
Gazing upon the twilight world,
The faces of passersby,
Shrouded by veils of stars and night.

I play my song of eerie trills;
The highs,
The lows,
This sickeningly sweet lullaby,
Carrying all into the comforting embrace,
Of midnight slumber.

This swooping melody,
My warm, but shuddering breath
breathes life into the frost covered flute,
Cradled in my ice cold hands.

My breath,
My life,
Heard by all,
But me.
This is kinda about my insomnia? But, make what you will of it.
Wellspring Aug 21
Two weeks ago,
I said farewell.

To my home.
To my country.
To my family and friends.

My time away was relaxing.
The people were lovely.
But honestly,

I'm dealing with re-entry.
People expect me to just fit in,
But I'm suffering from jet lag,
And am ready to sleep.

If I could just catch a break,
A week, maybe two.
I could get back to normal,
Get my life back on track.

But no.

This is the problem;
Life goes on,
A sink or swim situation.
If you can't catch up,
You're out.

Just like that.
An explanation.
Wellspring Jun 29
I'm sorry that I swore.
I didn't mean to.

It was an accident,
But even though that's the case,
I take full blame.

Some may see this as a stupid thing,
Odd and unusual,
Weird and Strange.

But my Christian upbringing
says that I should not,
and due to fury and a hot temper,
they simply slipped off of my tongue.
I accidentally swore twice in, like, five minutes, and I'm trying to channel my anger so that I can apologise to my sister and dad sincerely.
Wellspring May 8
Stinging pain.

It keeps punching,
At my brain.

I can't see out of my eye.
Not with this,
This solid grip.
Slowly tightening around it.

My vision is cut off,
My pain unbearable.
No one can help me from this deathlike grasp,
Because Migraine has a hold of me now.
Yup. I'm in pain. Ouch.
Wellspring Mar 15
I feel like I'm drowning in a lake,
Battling with a constant headache.

Is it stress?

I assume that I'm not the only one,
who's head pounds like a drum,
At the simple thought of love.
Nah bruh. Serious headaches. My new glasses aren't doing it for me.
Wellspring Feb 6
Inactivity online,
Whilst it may be somewhat sad,
(For followers at least)
Means activity in life,
Which is surely a good thing.
Yeah. Bored. Back at school.
Wellspring Nov 2017
As I wait for the inevitability that lurks beyond the horizon,
I wish I could sleep, relax.

As I wait for this torturous life to continue,
I wish I could look beyond, longingly.

As I wait for the tests and trials to come,
I wish I could believe their words of comfort, help.

As I wait for the oncoming storm,
I wish. Hope.
Yup. Procrastinating again. I have and exam tomorrow, but that'll be easy, it's a poetry analysis and CRT, it's the maths exam I'm really worried  about...
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