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Patrick Sugarr May 2016
Patrick Sugarr May 2016
this i s
just a phase
fall i n g
s t a r from
outer s p a c e
with t i m e
this w i l l
p a s s
I w i l l
cherish it
until it l a s t
Patrick Sugarr Jul 2015
And the hunter lost his desire to hunt
He was lost to the moon's humanity -
     full of imperfections, yet still beautiful.
He surrendered in to the haunting sound of the wolf's howl,
     as he runs to the cliff
          for there's where he belongs now,
               close to the stars.
He takes his time staring in the midnight blue sky
     and sings his life - a confession.
For he is now the deer
He is now the hunted.

Patrick Sugarr Mar 2015
Maybe stars aren't meant to be reached. Maybe they are just there to guide you, to light up the darkness of the night.

They may not be beside you, but they are always with you, looking down, watching.

Maybe you are a star yourself.
A star that inspires.
So, keep your head up high, smile, and keep shining.
Patrick Sugarr Mar 2015
What once so green, withered brown
Rays of invisible yellow sparked orange and gray
Bright red flooded the land
The time of black has begun.

Black, black, black.

But black was not all bad
It fertilized the soil.

For not so long, black turned green
Turned blue
Turned yellow
Turned red
Turn into colors you have yet to see.
Patrick Sugarr Jan 2015
I am not stupid
After all i did.
I loved.
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