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Eva Ellen Jan 2018
I will dance at night
Bats sing a dark, Hamlet song
Shadows make great leads
Eva Ellen Jan 2018
So many people
will come and go before me
But who will be
Eva Ellen Jan 2018
feet only take you
words will only make/break you
so far or so long
Eva Ellen Aug 2017
would the moon call the Earth an abuser?
constantly trying to escape,
always being absent-mindedly
yanked back
like a big child with a balloon.
with hands that show hate
deep in its lines and cracks
from years without love.

would the Earth call the moon a molester?
slowly ******* at her heels,
asking for visits
for attention,
for life,
to soothe dry bones.
constantly breathing stale vacuum-air down her neck.

millions of stars
shine sparkle twinkle glimmer gleam
like asinine onlookers and
perverted peeping toms
waiting for the sun to rise
Eva Ellen Aug 2017
Shakespeare wrote, "All
the world is a stage" So when
I laugh at myself

I'm only being
an engaged audience and
when I applaud at

the end I am just
thanking God for his good sense
of Hamlet humor
Eva Ellen Aug 2017
Bubbling over,
white picket fence smile,
bouncing from piggy toe to piggy toe,
gesticulating like a willow
on a blustery day,
wishy, washy, rushed words, warm

Today you were the lucky one
Because I was the one who felt genuine joy
Because I was the one who radiated like the sun
Today you were the lucky one
Because I was the one who chose to share it with you
Eva Ellen Aug 2017
I'm going to a party
My little black dress is ready
I have my face all set
My lines are learned, practiced, perfect
I haven't felt like this for months
My dearest will be there
I hope the alcohol is strong
The flowers will be beautiful
She was beautiful.
I never did like surprise parties
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