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Ash Jun 3
She is reminded she isn't good enough everyday.
"You can't do by yourself, you need a man," they say.
No one tells her she is beautiful just the way she is.
No one tells her that she belongs to herself, she is not 'his'.
She is taught to hate her body by them.
She is told how unworthy she is by them.
No one tells her about the fierce fire burning in her heart.
That she too could be someone's glowing light in the dark.
No, she is only told how she needs to change.
She is overlooked and underappreciated at every stage.
So she just writes her story down.
As a reminder of who she was before she let her real self drown.
allison Feb 17
read the first letter of each line
Jamilla Sep 2018
I was busy fixing other's life
But who fix me?
Rowan Ayman Aug 2018
I hate how reality can destroy dreams
I hate how fiction can’t be real
Ask my hopes
Why don’t they shine
******* with ropes
Of risks and fears
Talents became tales
Said in a date talk
Impressed,we are
By someone who dumbed reality
Without further harm
We plan our lives like
It’s an airport
So technical with no artistic design
And our planes rarely fly
elaine May 2018
It took 15 years,
to realize
the hopeless nights I spent drowning myself with bottle
after bottle,
Was slowly rotting my body inside and out.

It took me 15 years,
To realize that
No one should have experience
your children  watch over you as you throw up leftover *****,
Being held up by little hands as I stumble around looking for the bedroom,
or slowly watching yourself tear apart a family because you are too full with the fact that you are the victim here in this situation.

It took me 15 years,
To realize,
I can never replace the moments I spent unconscious
Barely surviving a morning
Without a shot to get threw the day.

It took me 15 years,
To realize,
The pain I caused,
The hurt I felt,
The sorrow I provided,
And the hearts of loved ones I shattered.

It took me 15 years,
To realize
That I could live without a bottle in hand.

In that time,
I lost trust in many.
I messed up the family I loved.
I lost 15 years of life
But this wasn’t a message of my nightmare,
It’s a story of me
i wrote this for a research paper on alcoholism, and i was kind of proud of it, enjoy
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
There's something addictive about solitude
because you don't want to deal
with the noise that is
Sad but true. With solitude comes a form of serenity.
And you don't want to deal with the noise and drama people bring.
brenda c Dec 2017
so i said i wanted
you to stay
even though
nothing could stay
the same
in the mood of david levithan
camps Jun 2017
As I've grown up,
I've realized that I'll never be a teenager again.
Ellie Geneve Aug 2016
We are a nation made entirely of greed.
Oh, and a bit of love.
But mostly greed.
On money we feed.
To many, a subliminal creed.
But at least we love...
the things we need.
And we need money.
Which brings us back to greed.
Raindrops Mar 2016
We we're taught that lying is a sin
that truth is all it takes to be
Now is different from where we had been.
There are times we didn't expect things would be.

We must be sensitive on others feelings
Not to say words that'll just make things worst.
We're fragile and imperfect beings
Consider to it at first

It's fine to lie even though you knew
Its hard to stay silent
But its the best we can do
Untruth words for them to soothe
Than to see them suffer because of the truth

But whether a secret or not
The truth is bound to unfold
Soon they'll realize on their own
That if they were on your shoe, they will do the same too.
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