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Bhill Oct 2020
suddenly, silence without any expectations occurred
being alone, with the quite, does not have to survive unattended
silent time can be shared in the best of moments
silent time, even alone, should be pure

Brian Hill- 2020 # 286
Indiana May 2019
Are you human?
To sort human form software
Just read warped letters
Recognize overlapping characters
Decipher obfuscated text
And that's it!
Is that it?
Does it prove I'm a human?
Being unattended at home
Being neglected amongst peers
And suffering  all the cat calling and street harassment
May be?
May be not?
As for me...
Am I a human?
Well, I remember being one
I am not sure
Each time the website ask me to prove that I am a human, it is astonishing to see how easy it is and how hard is that...
A stranger's name on skeptic tongues
A taste like blood and foreboding.
The spice of a new kid.

Foam bleeds through the teeth of my peers
Bile green, it’s words and it’s venom
This thing they call “fun".

A game played with barbed wire fists,
Acid, poison, whips, guns and swords.
No rules but they're winning.

They called me Bluebird
I one short, fat, and sad.
Accurate if only I’d fly.

Raccoons and kestrels
Hunt a bluebird til death.
Dear God how I wish I could fly.

Once I was Bluebird.
Existence encumbered.
Stained life released via knife.

Witness, you hungry young hunters,
The blossom of seeds that you sowed.
Bleeding chrysanthemum.

I carved my name into my chest,
The wings broken and defeathered
Of bluebird now red.

Peace feels like longing and defeat,
But I fly on wings of my own
Pray safe from the world.
Balkus Apr 2018
- luggages
abandoned by God.
Balkus Oct 2017
No one cared
that there was an unattended bag on the train.
Staring at their phones, not looking around
what's going on,
raising heads only to see if it's their stop,
busy with Facebook notifications,
Instagram posts and youtube sensations,
commuting to work
from A to B,
half-******, half-asleep.
At 7am it's hard to be happy,
when you are going to work,
it's hard
to be something more
than a dumb, silent slave of the modern times.

No one cares about the unattended bag.
It's hard to give a ****,
when no one gives a ****.
You wanna talk to the driver? Good luck.

Someone noticed the bag, got a bit suspicious,
he looked around, and it was hard
to produce a word, to open his mouth,
to make all heads turn to him, all their eyes
have them fixed on you, when you are trying to explain
what's your concern.

There's no members of staff on the train anyway,
you don't wanna be late for work,
because of the stupid bag.

It's much easier to carry on
with staring at your phone,
not thinking of anything,
not getting paranoid about stuff.
It will spare you troubles in life.
Bina Awan May 2016
Where would the unattended feelings go?
Would they be eased out in the cracking of knuckles or the shift of postures?

Would they be smoked out or consumed in the cups of coffee?

Would they be ignored in the aimless walks in the park or a drive through the city?

Would they be kept aside while talking to a stranger coming close or a closer one going strange?

Would they be watched out in movies or read in books or gazed out at ceilings and walls?

But the question remains, at the end of it all... Where would the unattended feelings go?
aniket nikhade Apr 2016
Think about it,
think again,
think about everything that happened in the past,
think again because from there you will find a way with regards to how to get the things done in the present.

Think about the past as of now when in present,
think again about each and everything that happened in the past and while doing so make sure nothing remains unattended.

The best thing one can expect from the present is that nothing goes wrong with regards to everything that is being done in the present,
so give your best and don’t think of anything else,
but the best.

As of now the good thing about the best thing that happened in life is that the best thing happened over a period of time in life,
it’s then at that point in time it was realized that strange things do happen in life,  if everything is not looked upon into great detail.

Think about it,
think again,
think about everything going on in the mind at the present moment in time.

Once it’s confirmed that everything going on in the mind is settled,
it’s time then to move ahead with what to do next as of now while in the present.
Definitely good things happen in the life of an individual over a period of time,
but once they have happened,
they also bring along with them a sense of responsibility with regards to how to get the things done in the future.
“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
― Langston Hughes

“Desires are what can most easily ruin us, lovely.”
― Simona Panova, Nightmarish Sacrifice
Emily Jan 2016
In books I get lost
I buy more no matter the cost
I'm addicted to the feeling
because the thrill is a sort of healing
for me at least
It's exhilarating to discover the next beast
lost in another world
yet still in my chair, body warm and curled.
Parties go unattended
and I hope they don't get offended
that I prefer books
over looks.
For the book lovers out there!
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
At the back of mind so many things keep happening
At the time of execution so many amongst them remain unattended
So many thoughts get overlooked
They remain blank as they are
So many things happen, so much of space left since past, in the present with regards to future
Space to think and ponder what needs to be done next
The mind keeps thinking and keeps on thinking till it gets exhausted and fatigued
There is no end to drawing possibilities and ascertaining future
Flexibility of mind remains there making sure that you create some space at the back of your mind in the present moment of time.

It’s the space that you have got in present
Something which you created in past
The space remained unutilized
Same space you have got as of now in the present.

Now in the present moment of time it’s time to think about it
Time to utilize this space
Time to focus on skills and abilities
Time to utilize space and resources, resources and space
Everything is so much limited, yet so much of use in the present
Synchronize, coordinate, assemble and if possible also do networking of each and everything.

So many things work together simultaneously in the present
It's a move to get hold of the right moment of time so as to make sure that each and everything falls in it’s proper place.

Finally time left in hand is important
Time is precious
Time does all the planning with regards to future
Time decides what needs to be done first
Time sets all priorities.

With the moments that pass by and everything that happens as each moment passes by
With the changes that keep happening from time to time
It’s important to know in which direction we are moving.
Conflicts, contradictions and difference of opinion is part of life
Still with all the ups and downs of life, it’s always better to be safe than to feel sorry later
Think before you say
Think first and then say
Decide first, what's going on in your mind
Once decided then speak your mind
Once spoken, the spoken word cannot change.
Definitely conflicts, contradictions, and difference of opinion will never end
Still a proper conclusion can be reached and it needs to be reached within the given time frame.

Keep all this in mind
Making a note of the fact that priorities are all set, it’s important to make sure that time management is kept in mind
Keeping all this and much more in mind, I decide to move ahead with the present moment of time
Left the rest of things to future, which will definitely be ascertained from time to time
Till then, it’s living in and living with the present moment of time.

— The End —