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Tommy Randell Oct 2020
A glimpse at Saturn from so far away
Reminded me when things are seen that way
We love them as being as they seem
And as they seem becomes what they mean

It isn't so -- the mind's eye makes things glow
With the falsity of being more than we know
Few things we Love stand up to scrutiny
Which reminds me of you ...
             ... and what you used to mean to me

Seen through a lens the universe is not as we Thought
We hold it to our mind's eye and it falls short.
Tony Tweedy Jun 2020
Is it still real if my best memories are not kept by others in them?
What if those dreams and memories are the regrets and nightmares of those with whom I shared the moment?
Am I who I thought I was and am I able to believe in who I am if my memories are not shared?
I know my memories.... but I have no idea who keeps those same moments as something treasured.
Allen Faust Sep 2016
It all but spreads, a gentle lie.
From mind to mind, and eye to eye.
A hidden frown, beneath a smile.
A few feet more, maybe a mile.
A soft word here, kindness throughout.
Suppressed anger, a voiceless shout.
Shaking his hand, a deal now made.
His love now lost, the price he paid.
Poem, comments appreciated!
Francie Lynch Feb 2016
*******. Pure and simple. *******.
Be like a vampire
Refine your tracking trait,
Saving time and disappointment.
Recognize it when you hear it,
See it, read it.
I've had to eat beside it.
It rarely smells until identified,
You sense the patties are everywhere,
Inside and outside the paddock.
Speak out when encountered:
*******, plain and simple.*
Point in its direction,
Be a searchlight.
The room goes silent
Like a stop-action clip,
Frozen for the stink to seep.
Everything has the stench.
They're skilled,
But shallow.
One needs to go home and wash,
Do the laundry. Clean the kitchen.
John K Trainer Jan 2016
Reverberations from prior years
Appear and disappear then appear again
Long lost tirades find their way back to life
To wound once more with vigor and ferocity

Grammar is your shield and without it; a wasteland
Without that perfect period or comma or semi-colon
It confuses the unspoiled linear thinker
Out comes their sword to slay

I have grown tired of kittens, slayings, and Trump
Rest the fingers and close the lid
There will be a savory morsel in the morning to LIKE
Stop measuring your life by the friend count

Facebook is another reality
That stalks the innocent
And convinces the sluggish of its lies
It must be true if it’s on the Internet
Alan Black Mar 2015
Everywhere I go,
I sow the seeds of sorrow.
I will bring you liberty,
but, you must do what I tell you.
I will free you from oppression,
if you get down on your knees.
I will spread law and order,
like I spread war and disease.
I will tell you what is wicked,
while I do as I please.
You know who I am,
you've belonged to me since birth.
I'm the stars and bars,
the whole world wears my scars,
and I'll bleed you for all you're worth.
It's a grand old flag,
and one day soon
It will reign over the earth.
Was Reverend Wright Right?

I think you know the answer to that.

— The End —