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Mikaela L Aug 22
You're full to the rim,
Trivial opinions swim the sea of your innocuous intentions,
Some drown, as your beliefs grow like rice,
Your opinion is prized above all,
Everyone around you is ill-fitted for independent thought,
Near you, my mind remains locked and my teeth bite on blocks of gauze,
May no word escape me.
Mikaela L Aug 22
I'm captivated by the red hues that possess the room,
In the center of a throbbing heart
The sight of apple peel and red wine,
I kneel,
Worshiping the white sun that shines through new velvet curtains,
Gifting me the painful landscape.

I wondered if, indeed, I had been placed as some old plaster card in a fist-sized heart,
In my newfound home, I believed this was the wounded heart of the world,
I happened to be drenched in blood, as more of it rushed into my nostrils,
Eyelids shut, mouth sewn,
Can't keep the blood at bay.
Mikaela L Aug 2
300 pounds,
Stumping on the dusty sand,
Golden chains fall off his neck,
Thick rings depart from a block of fingers,
Jo plunges into heavy waters,
Boasts in his riches,

Would you love all the fat?
The fried chicken in his legs?
The alcohol filling his stomach,
To the point of exhaustion,
To the regret of a feeble button,
Too superficial,
Too excited,
To remain amongst the rest.

Do you know the weight of his soul?
200 lbs,
500 lbs,
He's got too much heart,
Much mass,
Tough skin.
I wrote this poem about a very heavy friend of mine. Let's give weight a chance!
Mikaela L Aug 1
Afraid, trembling,
They have us,
They challenge,
Long upheld,
Long forgotten,
Long established,
To erase the few,
That don't fit,
That don't think,
The same,
That don't hum,
The songs we've taught our children.

Oh, are we afraid?
Yes, we are afraid,
Of the unknown,
What are they capable of?
Erasing family ties with unchanging love,
Painting our walls with colorful lust,
What are they capable of?
I wrote this poem as a reaction to the destructive rhetoric against the LGTBQ+ community employed by the Polish president during his recent candidacy.
Mikaela L Aug 1
We treassure the clear view,
No obstacles,
No distractions,
No free wandering of the mind.

Today, I say, let it fly,
Above snow white mountaintops,
Above the city of New York,
Above the worst landfills,
For gravity only exists to challenge it,
To, within the ignorance of a Newton,
Devour the sweetness of a fig.
As a child, I was never afraid to ask "why?" As an adult, I often forget to ask questions.
Mikaela L Jul 27
I am running water,
Held at the waist by a sweet dam,
Silenced by fighting leaves,
****** in my direction by the whirling wind,
Everything reflects on me,
My waters wonder, "who am I?"
For my reflection, I don't see,
I see a mockingbird atop a tree,
I see the white sun above me,
I see the world as I experience it,
Can it see me?
Mikaela L Jul 27
Drilling into my skull,
As a chip in my brain,
Your image stays,
It is stale.

On this cold night,
With blurry stars on my face,
I see you again,
Your brown curls entangle my senses,
Your green eyes take me to a jungle,
I land on the green canopy,
Where the sun meets the dark soil,
Where the creation of your heart lies.

Let me explore your jungle,
Deliberately shake your palms,
Hang on a crooked branch,
Wait for a warm rain,
Burn with the first rays of sunlight,
Swim your rivers without care,
Turn savage again.
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