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Words' Worth Nov 2020
A butterfly flutters
Through the breeze
The wind healing its broken wings
I finally tried this theme after a long time.
By now, most of you will know what this Japanese term means.
Diána Bósa Sep 2020
You said, that I have a heart of gold.
I just smiled because I know that
since the dawn of our time
you have broken it so many times;
shattered it into oodles of pieces
which I tried to repair - time after time,
then it could no longer resemble its true self.
It became something different,
some kind of kintsugi artifact,
something golden, yet something hard:
completely useless for its predestination.
ali Apr 2019
the finest china
pure white porcelain
lined with subtle, silver strokes
soundlessly sleeps through seasons
only to wake on special occasion

the finest china, she was told
must remain untouched
unearthed by the folly of freedom
free from scratches and scars
always in fear of falling apart

so, she wrapped herself tightly
in faded newspaper
laid herself gently
on the topmost shelf
rested in dust and cobwebs

through the glass cabinet door
his eyes were blinded
by a dazzling display of perfection
he held her by the edges –
porcelain paradise in reckless palms

no longer is she
afraid of falling
in every direction
carelessly playing
with wild, wild winds

each fall bears a new
crack in her core
and renews in golden lining
until the day
she is pure gold
I always found it funny how something so beautiful could be kept and locked up for so long, in attempt to preserve its beauty. In contrast to fine china, Japanese culture embraces transcience and imperfection—often times, by filling the gaps of chipped-off ceramics with gold to enhance its beauty. This is something I deeply live by.

Hi, i’m new here. :)
Bert Coates Mar 2020
Fractures healed in gold
My minds history on show
The story now told
Michael A Duff Nov 2019
Broken is renewed
Honored for its damages
Better than before
I love the idea and crafting of the Japanese custom of Kintsugi, it is the repairing of pottery that has broken with gold. With this custom things broken are preciously repaired with most valuable gold, honoring the items for their repairs and broken pieces rather than discarding them for their flaws. People are to me this way, we should honor them for their broken hearts abuses from the past, respecting their healing and recovery. Because that person is unique in all the world. Even though they may have pushed you away broken your heart or vise versa, you may never know how hard the battle is that they are waging in their mind and soul.

Also know as
"Golden Joinery"

Or "Kintsukuroi
Golden Repair"

Is the Japanese art of repairing
broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, a method similar to the maki-e technique.

As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.
ms reluctance Apr 2019
It’s broken, they say –
the modern world lies in ruin.
It’s easy to believe them.

I also believe
broken things can be precious
if looked after lovingly.
NaPoWriMo Day 15
Poetry form: Sedoka
OpenWorldView Mar 2019
We tend to hide
our broken self’s
and look ashamed
from obvious flaws.

But what if you change
your point of view?

And wear those cracks
like precious scars.
Not with pride, but
simple confidence.
carbonrain Dec 2018
I can feel your heart ache under your soft, warm skin as I glide my fingers along your gold-mended pottery fractures. Skating on the glaze you've let me peer beneath to reveal your raw materials. We used to use air and clay and water to speak, now we communicate in a wordless language, born of naked otherworldly splendor.  — and  that planet, your body, I long to explore.
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