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Hear me out. Let me undress you with the truth. Let my voice touch your skin. Can we cut the space in between? What I am trying to say is, hey, I can be friendly, probably too friendly. We have lived in different worlds, yet we found each other for the same reason, the unspoken notion we call love. I've met so many, each with a different story. But your chapter is my favorite. The truth is I don't love you the way I loved you before. I love you more than the day I first saw you. There's no ground as I fall, I fall deeper.
Will it feel the same way
If I give you a poem today?
The same as the day I first conveyed.

Will you fall in love with me again?
Will you believe that it's me and you
Until the end?

Can we revive the butterflies, the withered flowers,
And the nights of thoughts and dreams ?

Can I hold your hand again ?
Without promises or wishes,
I am simply the man you once sought.
The man who gives you love,
And not colorful leashes.

Will that be possible?
I will give you some time.
Will your heart be able?
To give a chance to this heart of mine?
If I run scared in the meadows
If I cry underneath a willow,
Do you even care
Would you dare to follow?

You have seen me smile,
Have you ever listened to my cry?
Do you even care,
I bet you never dared.

The river is the first to mourn,
As I stand on the edge alone.
One last time,
To you I say goodbye.
Let thy be to the marriage with maiden
Made thy life not seek of any other
Living a contrast of sweetness and pain
Thus be a mother with sons and daughters.
Constrict verdicts of every known evil
Construe what is bright inside with thyself
Let not both severed nor darkness prevail
Souls utterly preserved within the shelf.
Constrained thy fire walled our time not to flame
Have no bashful faces distorts to frown
This mesmerizing life portraited frame
Someday I and thee will be out of town.
Let thy love be demised to the marriage
Thus faith be lived until our dying days.
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So this is the sound
Without you around,
How cold this corner,
I'm crying for your warmth.

How empty is the sunset
How the waters cry on the beach,
The sadness of the howling breeze,
Without you,  it turns out to be
Like this.
I can't express it really well but I am longing for someone
A mountain not so tall
Sitting beside the river
A lonely day waiting to fall
Light from the moon will make
It better.

The mountain turns red
Mesmerized by the gracious moon
Into a mystical night he was led,
Cherishing the moment ,
As to keep the night,  it can't.

Water falls from the mountain ,
Everyday is a lonely ride,
As the day shines bright,
The mountain waits for the night.
I feel sad I feel limited
What good am I?
The best in me's a lie.

My decisions defying
My reality.

My life's a mess ,
How can I rest?!

I don't even own my heart ,
It's already someones part

My thoughts full of contradiction ,
War between maturity and intuitions.

How can someone like me ,
Break free?

Through all these hardships and adversities.
#mood #depress
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