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With its perks and quirks
you are exactly where
you're supposed to be
in this notion of motion

Engineered machines work
decisions guaranteed to irk
Keep those wheels turned
and focus on what is appropriate

Until a ***** curves
What went wrong
for those cogs to stop
When at speed it's hard to
see flaws before the system pops
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
skye Feb 2019
it's sad to know that
there are people who
only hungers justice
when they need to
have a taste of it
we don't live to save ourselves but to save our kind from all the bad things that happen in life

we should be helping one another
Brent Kincaid Mar 2017
And for those of you who don’t
Find Trump to be pernicious,
He shows his *** to one and all,
I hope you find it is delicious.
For those of you who lived in
Dream castles of foolish hope
You have backed an evil man
A charlatan and a dope.

If you tried hard and long
You could not have done worse
And that is the reason for
This neener neener verse.
I can’t think how he could
Have warned you any better.
He promised things intelligence
Could discredit by the letter.

He said he would do stuff
So totally unconstitutional,
That made the rich richer,
And proved you were delusional
To trust a total ripoff guy
Who has been cheating for years.
Why did you think this fool
Would allay any of your fears?

But still you all waved high
His stupid Chinese-made hats;
Bought him gold and diamond studs
For his brand new fancy spats.
And now he’s in the Capitol
Laughing at all of you dolts
YOU gave him weapons to use on you
Instead of a thousand volts.
Cheyenne Oct 2015
Is it appropriate,
To tell you I love you.
To tell you,
Just how fast you make my heart race.
To explain,
The feeling of butterflies,
And the tightness in my chest.
May I say,
How perfect it feels
To be wrapped up in your arms.
Or should I keep this,
My little secret.

— The End —