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Jon Po Dom Oct 2018
Bound by chains
You scream for release
But the one who holds the key
Is gone
Who can set you free?
Jon Po Dom Oct 2018
What do you do when you feel uninspired??

It’s been so long since I last wrote a piece. I don’t consider myself a poet. I consider myself an inspirational writer. I write about what I feel and though I feel a lot of things I’m just not the same. I haven’t felt inspired to write. I haven’t felt the urge. I haven’t been moved. Words elude me. I feel like I’m blocked and I’m unhappy. How did you overcome and grasp your inspiration when it left?

To tell you a bit about me and my struggles. I have a double personality. One person is Jon. The other is Dom. Hence my username. I am Jon. A quiet, introvert. Mostly keep to myself. Dom is extroverted and into some aspects of the **** lifestyle. Dom went through a rough time feeling betrayed by the one he loved and still loves, to be honest. My family never understood me and they ravaged what beautiful thing I once held in my arms. I was still writing until I suddenly wasn’t anymore.  

I want to write. I need to write but the words just don’t flow. Please help! I’m slowly dying inside.
Jon Po Dom Apr 2017
I miss my friends
The squad goals that never end
Four personalities well meshed
Inspiring artistic trends
And devouring all life has

The white is black
Salinas is back
To life inside this sack
Of flesh and bones fully intact
A beautiful heart where nothing lacks

Colombia is crazy
Pops ****** and makes them hazy
Disrespect her she'll beat you endlessly
But her heart of gold so full of love
Her home a place of rest for me

Gerlt! the artist
Intellectual and passionate
The alien prodigy
Ambitious creator
Bringing art to reality

Jon the ******
Forrest *** freako
Fifty shades of foolishness
Open minded to all people
No empathy for you though

Squad Kronicles
Taking on new challenges
Unmasking new ideas
Reaching new levels
Aliens amongst normal peoples

JM 4/29/17
I miss my friends and wanted to write a little something about them
Jon Po Dom Apr 2017
I unravel the scrolls hidden
Deep, dark secrets unwritten
Wordless experiences
The blank pages of your heart
No pen and paper relay

All your fear and pain
All the loss and gain
Those things you put away
Reflecting off your face
Though not written, I read

And you ask if I can mend
The emotional cuts that tend
To take a little piece of you
Slowly making you less and less
But I don't know where you went

A stranger is all I see
And I can't say we're meant to be
But if you're still in there
Somewhere, hidden, I swear
I'll unravel you

JM 4/26/17
Jon Po Dom Apr 2017
Her dark chocolate skin is an aphrodisiac
Yet I cannot taste
Awakening the beast within
Dormant for so long
He longs to play

Her chest expands with every breath
Beautiful skin tone and gorgeous smile
Hair the way I like in pigtails
Reaching down to her buttocks
And her eyes?
Big brown eyes
They pierce through me like a sword
Never letting up their gaze
Seeing through to the beast within
Roaring with intensity

I long to feel,
My hands travel freely to antagonize
I long to taste,
The forbidden fruit
I long to see,
Her body move beneath my touch
I long to smell,
Her chocolate skin moistened by the heat of immense passion
I long to hear,
Her moans and cries as she comes undone at my hand

The beast wants to torture my beauty
Whips and chains await you my dear
Let's explore your pleasure together

JM 4/26/17
Jon Po Dom Apr 2017
I once sat at the table with my family
Prepared to feast on the small bread and glass of water
Dust lingering in the musty air
From disasters ongoing
Outside our doors

Each meal quieter than the last
As outside the noise grows louder
The earth moves stronger
The atmosphere daunting
Big eyes staring at me

How they haunt me day and night
The sound of that whistling
Like a rampaging train
Signaling its approach towards hell
Making its presence known
For those unsuspecting few
Wondering where the train will wind up
Until its too late

The screams in the chaos
The unappetizing bread
The unquenchable water
Evaporating into nothing
The sudden darkness
This is what blindness must be like

The pain shooting through my spine
The confusion my brain feels
Trying to piece together what just happened
The sudden darkness
I'm all alone in the hell that is my home
Surrounded by carnage

And the white helmets
Bringing me back to what
I think is reality
I don't know
Yet the sudden darkness
Haunts me to this day
It should've consumed me too

JM 4/20/17
I wanted to write about this for some time but the words didn't come together until now. This writing is about the situation in Aleppo as I heard details of people sitting in their homes wondering where the bombs would land. I saw much horror on the news and documentaries showing the devastation and I'd wanted to write about what Syrian people felt during that time. This is not written for political reasons and I'm not interested in which side you are on.
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