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Bea Mecum Sep 2018
Deep inside I am crying
Everything around me is dieing
Please excuse this mess I'm in
Ripping myself to shreads again
Eternity in this emptiness
Sinking in this black abyss
Shaking till I fall apart
Isolation grips my heart
Opression of my every joy
Nothing left to destroy
Bea Mecum Jul 2018
I saw it coming my friend
I saw how the whole thing ends
And none of it's fair for you or me
and I don't like it
but you see
I saw how the whole thing ends

My mind is racing to defend
Anywhere it might just sink in
And I'm scared for my life
But I'm not sure why I'm alive
Because I saw how this whole thing ends

I'm here waiting for the end
No point in fighting, it wins
I'm not sure if we will be alright
But it's time to call it a night
because I saw how this whole thing ends
Bea Mecum Jul 2018
Pills to make your mind feel stable
Pills to do what you aren't able
Pills to make you fall asleep
Pills to keep what you can't keep

Little round chalk colored pill
I swallow you to make me still
Little round unimposing pill
Where did you learn such a skill

Pills for you on the table
Pills to make you feel stable
Pills to keep what you aren't able
Pills with your name on the label

I swallow you one at a time
When I swallow you I swallow my mind
When I swallow you I will not find
any kind of thought to bind

Pills to make you feel stable
Pills because you aren't able
Pills right there on your table
To hoist you high upon a cable
Bea Mecum Jul 2018
Spirits in animal skin

blind to what they truly are

tearing apart what once was kin

leaving in wake an open scar

spirits shed your animal skin

remember what you truly are

the time has come to join your kin

and mend a deep and open scar
Bea Mecum Jul 2018
There is a golden chalice

far beyond the pale

where you may drink of all your dreams

if you can lift the vial

There is a place of time untouched

where unkind blade will never meet you

Tread the path of blinding light

to find this place is pure and true

There is a fire of untold heat

to lead you in this sacred quest

cast your self upon its flames

consume the body, and leave the rest
Bea Mecum Jul 2018
On top of a tree

between heaven and hell

was a beautiful bird

and a magical bell

when man came to be

the bird rang its bell

and from the great tree

many gifts fell

On top of the tree

between heaven and hell

man sought to steal

a bird's magic bell

when man got to the top

of this mighty tree

they stole the bird's bell

but the bird had broke free

In the ruins of a city

between heaven and hell

wan will re-discover

an old ancient bell

And though it has been long

since man did this crime

it will pain their heart

when they hear its chime

Where there once was a city

between heaven and hell

will grow a new tree

from the tears that had fell

the tree will replace

man's greatest mistake

and those who still sleep

the tree will awake
Bea Mecum Jul 2018
deep within the forbidden forest

past the crystalline tree

there is a lake that reflects the sun

and that is where you will find me

Dive deep within its waters

let them make you clean

there you will find a treasure

that man will rarely see
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