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FunSlower Aug 2021
We laughed aloud through the longest winter.
Simultaneously signing a solstice of solitude.
1 love allowed kindling to form from 2 splinters.
So we’ll set life alight, away from the multitude.

Through you, a new divinity enters me.
An entity of empathy left no room for entropy.
You know, the shower drips for me now too.
And it’s always when I think of you!

Atypical accolade attends a familiar cascade.
But it wont always be that way.
As sure as the sun will set tonight,
My bright light will shine for you tomorrow.

Retract with me. Refract with me.
Her fluorescence attracted me.
Illuminating the only pathway
I’ve ever hoped to see.
An overflowing heart
Sowing seeds and sewing stitches.
Flowing lightning through my dark,
Showing all of life’s riches.
Jon Po Dom Apr 2017

You can't retract those words
Like angry bees and scorpion stings
That drive a wedge,
Split the bonds that join at the hem
And sever the ties that tie
Those words don't lie

You said what you said
And pierced at the heart
Five lambs to the slaughter
By ruthless words
Sticks and stones
Surely break bones
But bones will heal
The heart will not

Am I not yours?
Do we live a lie?
You're pretending
And slowly breaking
Ligaments that join us
Bone to bone
Flesh to flesh
Though we be not yours
Yours we are

You can't retract those words
Like angry bees and scorpion stings
But the wedge is in your hands
What will you do next?

JM 4/16/17

— The End —