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Planejane2 Aug 26
A pinball not spiraling out of control
Not scared of falling
Not scared to let go
For I know
That I will not lose control
And I will not stumble and tumble
Down the dark hole.
The chase,
The race,
To be in first place
Is not that satisfying than to just participate .
To think I was sad all along, but sometimes it feels good just to be the tagalong.
JA Perkins Aug 18
He left a letter on the dresser
addressed to whom it may concern.
It read "Never falter under pressure
before the tides can take their turn.
Everything is dying -
The likes of man and all his pleasure.
From paper planes we're flying
to the wooden chests of treasure.
But one Truth will always stand
long after the last word here is spoken:
There's always been a heavenly hand
to heal the heart that's broken."
Some people live long lives,
Some people die long deaths
Nathalie Apr 18
Sometimes life invites
us to renegotiate
our terms and to
connect with our heart
in a totally different way

The invitation arrives
as a an accident but
our soul knows
it's more than coincidence
faith has played a hand

We still get to choose
but what if, we decided
to surrender and go
with the flow and
dive into the stream
of the unknown

This is where it
gets exciting because
we realize that there
is always a bigger plan
than the small one we
had thought up ourselves

Faith Apr 3
You pulled your gun
But I'll pull the trigger
You thought I weak
I guess that's what you figured
You were big
But now I'm bigger
Slowly, I'm standing up for who I am.
And fun fact, this is written about the same person that my poem "She Is" was written about. Obviously, things have changed
Amanda Mar 4
How many of our smiles are fake?
How many of us wish our own lives to take?
How many people out there feel alone?
Or even worse feel like they are just another clone?
How many souls are crying out for another?
And how many of them will meet each other?
How many loved ones have passed away?
How many deal with depression each day?
Or another mental illness they carefully hide?
How many of you out there are broken inside?
How many humans are truly at peace?
And just when will that contentment cease?
How many of us have cut out our hearts?
And destroyed it so no one else could hurt that part?
How many of us have watched those we love the most,
Change over time into an unrecognizable ghost?
How many people have each one of us used?
How many words have we said that left others ego bruised?
How many friends have we drifted apart from?
How many of us are horrified by what we have become?
How many goodbyes cut good people open wide?
Leaving them gutted by the empty space by their side?
How many hours have been wasted by sorrow?
How many todays ruined by yesterday or tomorrow?
How many questions has mankind really asked?
How many people walking by are wearing an ornate mask?
How many of us are able to say the smile we don is real?
And mean it when we tell another how it is we feel?
The answers are only numbers with an unimportant sum,
They don't matter because the tragic fact of every last one
Is that they all show us our harsh reality;
The truth most people cannot accept or see

We'd rather make-believe our lives are as happy
As we know they will not ever be
Actually thinking about other people's problems for once..
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
Why do we always want more?
Do we not have enough?

Why do we need

a bigger house,

a newer car,

more money,

more beauty,

more fame,

more control,

more perfection,

more confort?

Do we not have enough of it already?
Why do we always want more? Do we not have enough of it already? Because in this world, there are people who don't have any.
dream Aug 2018
Dear Fat Girl,
Hello, it’s me, you,
I’m calling just to talk things through.
You’ve been hurt by the world, and **** on without lust,
Your time is coming, and shine you must.
It’ll take a while, but the alignment is right,
Your baggy-clothing mentality, now wearing jeans a-tight,
Don’t hold back.
There’s nothing to lose.
Your confidence is one you chose.
Don’t pick out in the mirror, things that you hate,
You’re a fat girl,
You’re a big girl,
Your world, your fate.
Nylee Jul 2018
After taking my while
finally climbing this mountain,
I couldn't even take a peaceful breath
because I can feel the shadow
of much larger mountain
falling over me.
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