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Casper 7d
The days,
My mine did break,
I was imprisoned,
Swept out of existence.
A boy lonely,
A sad one.
Craving to look once more,
I was hopeless,
Feast soon my misery.
Divert me,
From this morbidity.
Last I could resist,
No longer,
I will confess,
With tears I went.
Casper Dec 2
There in the heart of the woods,
Like the forgotten answer to a riddle,
The very path forgotten,
Is the sleeping palace.
All around the seasons are awake,
Busy glass blades rise up in springs,
Sheaves are stacked in autumn,
In the veins of the leaf,
Misty vapour in the valley,
But in the sleeping palace,
Nothing moves at all,
Nothing dies;
Nothing returns.
Full of grey more like a picture,
Than the pictures on its walls.
Yes I say,
The palace is full of men and women,
Every one of them alive,
And every one asleep.
The Butler is in the pantry,
With a flask of his master’s wine.
Blackout poetry from the sleeping palace.
Casper Dec 2
Through the forest,
I have found,
This flower in love,
Who is he?
This despised,
Pretty soul.
With love upon thy eyes,
Let love forbid,
Sleep on the eyelid.
So awake,
When I am gone,
**** me,
Do not haunt me.
Wilt thou darkling leave me?
Casper Dec 2
A flower within my heart,
Planted life,
My sweet little daisy,
Whether she loves me,
Or loves me not,
Sometimes it’s hard,
When the roads dark.
Casper Dec 2
I’ll come back another time,
Give my love, tell them I am sorry
For I cannot stay,
To her I will return.
Don’t know when that will be,
But I will come back here,
I won’t forget you.
Killian Nov 28
i take the words
that i have read
and change them to
something unsaid

finite notions
words can convey
somehow i still
have things to say
Corey Nov 10
Pulled from falling apart
after searching for life,
Start drawing gridlines
that help achieve focus on
the simple things that make
life beautiful:
laughter and smiles,
love and gratitude,
the product of its kind
and unique approach.

Receive enthusiastic praise
from all over the world.
Spend more time with
family and friends
and less time, well, trying.
The mission is simple:
inspire a life that is
full of laughter and smiles.
Little moments matter
on your journey.

The result of a blackout poem I did on the inside introduction of my new planner.
haley Aug 11
you couldn’t imagine
pains all over

Fixed rigid

pain in my gut
A horrible throb, throb, throb

it seemed to me that
I could not
Even if I tried to
Out of the line of fire
blackout poetry from A Clockwork Orange, page 116.
n0r May 22
***** Together
as We Wade
into muddy Water
~Proclaim The Deeper Magic~

Be True
To what we’ve learned

Be True
To our humanity

Be True To
What Has Called

Us To
Editing of the 2017 Notre Dame Valedictorian Speech by C.J. Pine.

If you loved Michael Curry’s Royal Sermon I know you’ll appreciate Pine’s

Ramish May 12
the phoenix he helped create,
out of control boy without a dad,
shot the gun that woke me up in the morning,
while i drove into his driveway repeatedly calling.

your white shirt is now red
and the polaroids are drenched in butane

my sweaty hands gripped the steering wheel as if i let go i'd fall
my temples felt non existent
and i tensed up at the dinner table

death sat across from me, and my parents told me to love her
because she was part of the family
and she only visits at times

now you fly in peace,
i hope, my friend,
a man can't avoid what he's meant to do,
when he's meant to do it,
even if he doesn't really want to,
Dedicated to all those who I've lost, I hope you all fly in peace
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