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Noah Clark Jun 2020
How I know I’ve made it
At this point, your settled down now. Whether you have a wife or not. Your sitting on the porch of your house, probably on a home made porch swing, out in the country, but not too far from town. You have a grill on your patio, maybe a smoker next to it. Your golden retriever or husky/Shepard mix sitting right next to you, just kinda lookin out as you swing.
You have a pond or stream near by with fishing poles at the ready should you decide to fish. You have beers in the fridge, but not too many because your past that now, 3 or 4 should be fine for you. You have a cigar case sitting on your wooden table in your house, maybe a cigar from every duty station and deployment you had in the military (if you stuck to that), but you don’t smoke inside. Your grass is nicely mowed, smells nice all the time. You have a man cave in the basement for the boys, but you take your wife down there too because it’s awesome. It has a pool table, gaming system, weight bench, built in surround sound, and ice cold beer. Maybe a 5th of crown Apple or Jim beam to drink with the fellas. Wachob is over pretty often, he lives pretty close to you if everything worked out well. You guys like to go fishing in the stream, even if you don’t catch anything it’s still fun. Friday’s you and Wachob will grill up some burgers for the kids and/or the boys depending on how things happened. Country music playing in the background. You talk about putting in a pool, but never really do for some reason. You have a side by side or quad in the garage, ready to take out for spotting or plowing in the winter. You also have a nice truck, not too ugly but not too nice. You take it in to town to work and because you don’t seclude yourself, you go out with friends and go to Lowe’s or Home Depot for home improvement projects. You visit your parents often, and you have them over often too. Your nephews and nieces come to fish and eat now and then, Wachobs family too. You, Jacob and Wachob sit their with or without your wives, take a good hard look around you, crack a cold beer and cheers because you all realize that you’ve made it.
Wrote this in my notes, it gets me through. Thought I would share. One day I’ll get there.
Pepper Dove Jan 2020
I sit still
with my mind in a haze
a state of dullness
trapped within this cage
I'm in a place
not too far away
from here
can't really say
can't really stay
with nothing to give
to give
I pay the price
in change
I'm not the same person
never settle
just get up and go
Nowadays I lay back
and go with the flow
so tell me

Tell me how many times
do I
got to tell
that I'm so tired
of waiting for you to
see me through
see me
for me
loneliness is
so ******* crippling.
colette alexia Jan 2020
Listen to the Spirit of God
Let it move you like the wind
God wanted to be their king
But they settled for something human
Remind me to trust you know matter what
Because despite the way it seems
You know what you're doing
Juno Jul 2019
You gave me a watch
You said “check the time,
When we meet again
It’ll be different on mine.”

But I threw it down
And you hugged me tight
Yet I still didn’t want
To say goodbye.

The dust has settled
I know you’re gone
But still I stay strong
But still I go on.
Surbhi Dadhich Jun 2019
******* is the claim heart says
Of soreness silence before us
While the world rushes aloof and apart
The silence that silences engulfs
A void, a vacuum of dreadful pitfalls
Our old photographs melted in the rain
In a raging storm that wrenches the heart
In a fury of sadness and pain
A storm clustered before silence
With us , parting apart and aloof
What 's been settled is unsettled dispute then
What's been engulfed has to be estranged again..
" It's no harm. Pay no attention to it".
Ayu Rafina Sep 2017
How can i love
when i can't even love myself?
How can i make you settled
when my heart is nowhere to be found?
rose Jul 2017
How unsettling
Now I'll rest
The roaring waves
roll down
Complete stillness
aniket nikhade Apr 2016
Think about it,
think again,
think about everything that happened in the past,
think again because from there you will find a way with regards to how to get the things done in the present.

Think about the past as of now when in present,
think again about each and everything that happened in the past and while doing so make sure nothing remains unattended.

The best thing one can expect from the present is that nothing goes wrong with regards to everything that is being done in the present,
so give your best and don’t think of anything else,
but the best.

As of now the good thing about the best thing that happened in life is that the best thing happened over a period of time in life,
it’s then at that point in time it was realized that strange things do happen in life,  if everything is not looked upon into great detail.

Think about it,
think again,
think about everything going on in the mind at the present moment in time.

Once it’s confirmed that everything going on in the mind is settled,
it’s time then to move ahead with what to do next as of now while in the present.
Definitely good things happen in the life of an individual over a period of time,
but once they have happened,
they also bring along with them a sense of responsibility with regards to how to get the things done in the future.
“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
― Langston Hughes

“Desires are what can most easily ruin us, lovely.”
― Simona Panova, Nightmarish Sacrifice
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