my mind was stationary,
and moved only when it thought of
stationary you love mind loosethoughts
this love was fruitless & misplaced
– still i faithfully watered it
i love you
i love you
i love you
& i’ll keep saying it until it’s true.
be gentle with yourself.
and when he said he loved me
it watered the soil in my soul
where i thought nothing good could grow
& brought forth fresh crops
happy to see spring

and it finally made sense to me,
how Nina could sing
about the wine she made
from the lilac tree

because new love is good,
but bitter is its uncertainty –
never sure if what you drink
is really he, or a figment
the love-drunk mind conceived
crystal holly Feb 20
we sat side by side in the snug heat,
hands gooey from sticky fruit –
bodies clothed in colors
that complimented the sun
watching buds swell
as birds danced and kissed
flowers sweeter than
african nectar

amongst the mango leaves
we could see our dreams
brighter than the juniper flora
owning my B&B
selling the art of local stars
home –
windows open
tangled in a passion
hot enough to boil the blood
of our landlord –
soft but strong
crystal holly Jan 30
azure ceilings severe you from i,
will my thoughts ever reach the clouds?
i seek you in the fog,
barefoot & barren –
waiting to be made whole.
my mother used to tell me to
speak to the wind to get to God
but my lips are stuck like glue
with no sound to expel from these exhausted lungs.
maybe writing is therapy.
will i see you there –
on the pages that turn spilt tears
into watercolor art,
unraveled, undone?
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