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Aria of Midnight May 2019
Sometimes the truth
is like holding
a smoldering flame
in your cupped hands

where if you do not
throw the flame
then it will burn
you alive.
In an insightful discussion with a new friend, I asked him, 'How do I protect people from truth that is difficult?' and he said, 'From my experience, by not hurting other people, you end up hurting yourself.' I think about his words often.
Aria of Midnight May 2019
In my short few years,
I have learned that chemistry
is to hear someone speak
and feel their sentence structure
so fully and richly
that you feel like you
are the one who is speaking

It is blinking once,
because you feel as if
you have met them before
and there is an energy field
that is both invisible
and impenetrable

your eyes
communicate silent
and you can't
take your eyes off them
Aria of Midnight May 2019
at the end of the day,
I always come back to poetry
as my medium of expression

short enough
to write and capture
rather quickly

flexible enough
to encompass everything
in exact structures
Aria of Midnight May 2019
20 marked
a year of transformation
and redemption.

21 is marking
a year of compassion
and healing
Aria of Midnight May 2019
Resilience is
easy smiles and
listening with your heart
to the concern of others

while you feel
the rupture of pain
pollute your veins.

Because you know
that all sadness will
end in ease

So you place trust
in something greater
than yourself
In a message to my close high school friend, Soumya - reflecting upon the role of optimism and positivity as resilience, not a facade.
Aria of Midnight May 2019
What might have been lost?
if I never see you again

I call your eyes
one of the dreamers
and your eyes dart
across the room

always above my head
like you're watching
shooting stars collide

I learned you are
a body of water
elusive and mystical
flowing between the gaps
of my fingers

always slipping
through my fingers

I know that
your life will rotate
without me

But I wish
I could be the compass
always guiding
you home
Listening to 'The Wolves' by Bon Iver - breathtaking track
Aria of Midnight Sep 2017
have you ever
stopped to notice
how much strength
your mother carries
in her womb
and in her eyes

or how girls can give
their hearts whole
without blinking

or how the women
in your life
have been torn apart
by the men they wake
up next to

I have seen bloodshed
and it is not on her skin-
it is when you turned her
inside out
and asked her why
she is still here

as if the sickness
as if the disease
as if the stone
in your body
can be erased
with her unconditional love
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