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Orchid May 2019
How can your soul
roam across this world

while it holds no care?

Drinks jam out of its jars
And sleeps in a bus shelter

Behind the toothless grin

and the dreams of the Boulevard
Semicolon Jun 2018
Come, let's
Take a walk down the street
Where the troubled hearts go,
To hush their insecurities;
Stroll along the roads
Where the broken souls go,
To take a breath of life;
Wander around the avenues
Where anxious minds go,
To find solace;
Saunter in the crossroads
Where ripped consciences go,
To heal where they were pricked;
Amble in the places
Where people like us go,
To mend their dreams.
Come, let's take a walk down the
Boulevard of broken dreams,
Shan't we?
I was listening to Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day in the afternoon and got this idea.

Star BG Aug 2017
The Vessel I live in
is of Human form on Earth.

The address I live at is
in the country of my heart.

The street I live on is
Love Avenue
Compassion Lane
Abundance Road
Joy Drive.
Peace Crescent
Harmony Boulevard
Freedoms Trail
Bliss Highway.

And the heart is my roadmap.

StarBG © 2017
Hasan Aspahani Jul 2017
THE cypress trees there translate
season into color.

A line of boulevards for guests like
me: a hungry one.

I may know what it is
they plan.

Splash and swish. Sweet. Ripples and
breezy. Lyrical.

After the song I used to remembered
and always wanted to hear.

I may know what it is
whispered the water to the wind.
AllyRose Jun 2017
There was a time when I had it all.
I felt big even when I was small.
In a home on sunset boulevard,
When I had it all.
Mornings on the terrace.
Lunches out on the bay.
Father standing tall.
Mother full of grace.
Never planned for me to live out of this suitcase.
I know in me they had faith.
But lacked it with each other.

   We moved further to the east side
They fell out of love.
Couldn't keep the fights to themselves,
Not even for my sake.
They couldn't rise above it all.
Didn't think of me at all.
Not even the holidays remained the same.
I miss our family Christmas cards.
Portrayed us in our best.
We loved each other genuinely.
Back in the day when I had it all.
Nora Mar 2017
Cameras flashing in rapid succession
She’s reunited with the lights,
Descending from heavens above
She throws herself to the wolves
Wrestling crowds and wrist cuffs,
Drowning in the spotlight
As she’d always dreamed
Insp. by Sunset Boulevard (1950)
Echoes Of A Mind Feb 2016
Green Day once sang,
"Sometimes I wish someone out there
would find me"

And right Now
is one of those "Sometimes"
in my life

But no matter
How much I shout
And no matter
How much I scream
I know that nobody
will ever hear or see me

On this empty street
Of my broken dreams
Where not even a single hope
is living

Well...I've gotten used
to walking alone
And it's only sometimes
that i wish I had someone
to walk beside me

Right now my only companion
is my shadow
On this Boulevard
Of Broken dreams...
As you can see I'm clearly inspired by the song "Boulevard of broken Dreams" by Green Day.
Wanted to try to write a poem inspired by music and this is the result
Baylee Sep 2015
Street, road, trail, avenue,
Boulevard, park, way, lane.

It was a journey,
You could say,
We had been
Through it all,
But then it was gone,
And I had no one to call.
It was a path
That I had chosen,
And it's name
Was Lane,
She just says
"I told you so",
But in your hands
I place the blame.

I've been many places,
And down many roads,
But the worst part of it all,
Is that I take your lane to get home.
Thank God I'm moving,
And getting out of this place,
I'll never go down that Lane again,
And with time, I'll forget your face.
Brent Kincaid Aug 2015
It was the Saturday before Halloween
And my friends were having a blowout.
For the first time in a long time I chose
To make an exception and go on out
Dressed up for the occasion that night
As Moses without the tablets, a mask,
And when I got there, nobody groaned
Instead, I got offered a hit on a flask.

So, I arrived at the party, not hopeful
That a good time would be had by all.
I wore my silly old man mask at first
And my long gold robe to cover it all.
No biggie, everyone was dressed up
In outrageous, fantasy forms of attire
There were princesses and knights.
I called one crowned fellow sire.

My friends were doing a wine tasting
In connection with the happy affair
So, I took them up on all of that
After doffing my mask full of long hair.
We joked and told each other tales
Of our activities at work and home.
Later, I found myself kissing with
A hot to trot, **** garden gnome.

Then my oldest buddy Dan said,
“Let’s take this to the Boulevard.
It was just five blocks to the south
So the walk won’t be that hard.”
Seeing the adventure in this
Nobody disagreed even a little
We took off in a clump of twenty
With me masked, close to the middle.

First was our friend, Allan the artist.
He’d constructed a seven foot ****.
He wore black pants and shoes
But the papier mache did the trick.
Second was the Darth Vader guy,
A lawyer in a fine rented outfit.
Behind him was Doctor Ucia Sickie
In scrub greens with ****** clots on it.

There was Raggedy Anne and Goofy
And a couple of Midnight Cowboys
And Dan was dressed quite normally
Because he was the outing’s decoy.
See, most of us were a bit drunk, and
Nobody had any dope on them then
As it was a touchy time about ***
In the days of Reagan, way back when.

Daniel didn’t care. Without telling a soul
He had whipped up Toklas brownies
And passed them to us, getting us ripped
Completely unknown to most of the townies.
Dan raised great window-box stuff, so I
Remembered, in two bites, from times before,
And soon I got that happy, toasty feeling
And my shyness was suddenly no more.

Of we went, twenty fools wide then
Wandering down the Avenue of Stars
Goggling at the crowd, the costumes,
The zinging lights and the hopping cars.
Everyone had beer bottles, not just us
Or wine bottles and were guzzling glad
About this happy, jam packed occasion
There was no way to be bored or sad.

The cholos were dancing their hydraulics
On cars that cost more than some homes,
And the sidewalks were all overflowing
With humans thick as laundry foam.
It wasn’t really walking, it was standing up
And letting the tide of people carry me
In a Mardi Gras atmosphere of loopy fun
That offered up nothing to worry me.

We went all the way to Fairfax, then we
Turned around and made our way back
A knotted mass of silly people gabbing
Like hamsters running on an invisible track.
Halfway down, at about Hudson street,
In front of me I heard something loud.
People were screaming with laughter
And gathered in an even tighter crowd.

The middle of a circle, with TV cameras,
Was Allan, the seven foot ****, corralling
A six foot, totally authentic Miss Piggy
And she was fending him off giggling.
He kept putting the huge head of his guise
Down toward her thighs, and the crowd
Applauded, hooted, whistled and laughed
And it seemed the Boulevard just howled.

It was on the news the next morning
As we all were sure it would have to be
But that night became a noteworthy one
For all of my friends, strangers and me.
You never know what will happen to you
When you let yourself be a bit more free.
You might end up in a Halloween Parade.
Well. At least that’s what happened to me.

— The End —