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The sounds of your voices
work with me,
the resonance of your mirth,
your anger, your vexation,
your empathy, your soul,
is orchestral in our everyday scrum
to keep me humming along
Sungmoo Bae Sep 2020
The two ol' pals are facing each other.

He passes a glass of poison
to his dear guest, leaning
near the front door, slightly opened;
and he's learning the reason—

why he's standing there,
about to storm out of the stone-cold apartment—
'bout to burst in tears
shedding the vivid droplets

that shouldn't be belonging to a mere ghost.
Yet he's fleeting, escaping the scene still,
while the owner of the kitchenette
is putting back the bottle

    to where it belonged;
    and he's gone, present no longer.

The drink on the rock—left on the shelf—
is evaporating, following the vaporized guest,
leaving the scent of faint alcohol
that lulls the other friend to regretful sleep.
(C) Copyright: Saul Bae (Sungmoo Bae)

Last Revised: 21th of December, 2020.
lins Dec 2018
gal pal

if that’s what
I am to you
then we have
a problem
cause I don’t
think I want
to be only
a gal pal
I guess we can
keep it simple
I’m not a fan
of your choice
of words
to describe me
but that’s what
I am to you
only a friend
a true buddy
a perfectly platonic

gal pal
I've learned that I set myself up for this so I'm working on doing that less often so this time around I'm okay with gal pal I'm just fine with buddies.

Raviha Hussain Dec 2017
Future was bought to you
to build it and make it by you


You didn't know how harsh it can be though
if you let it as the time of buddies tho


Still got time my friend
rise and shine will save


If you didn't get through,
then you will know the same


FuTuRe BuDdIeS
A poem about the time wasters ; D
Bryan Omar Jan 2016
It's weird how we met,
You were just a freshman
While I was just a sophomore
I was the king of the block
While you were trying to find a way to come up

Rarely ever spoke
You were really just ignored
Really never thought you would be the first
To approach this bitter guy
Who thought he knew the ropes
But you took that leap and talked to me first
You then became like a sibling to me

Now I talk to you about my life
From my first memory to my most painful memory
You just listen but I know you learn
You learn that this guy you call your best friend
Is a guy that likes to live life till it hurts

You have been there in the best and the worst of times
You have been there when I need a person to talk to
You have been there when no one else would be

I thank you and I commend you for all that you've done
You know I'll have your back till the day you are gone
Destiny Fleming Nov 2015
The notion that he could
not be fixed was held over
his head like an
I could not fathom why
in the **** no one
pulled him from
his own thoughts,
he was drowning,
couldn't you tell?

That boys eyes held
the words
“save me”
in every native tongue

The impending death of hope
a familiar song in his bones
I wanted to be the one
to excavate it from
the marrow of his existence

Everything about this
boy was synchronized
right down to his
very name,

a ledge that he had
been dancing on for
far too long. -DDF
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