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EmotionalPoet Jan 12
Don't have much to say
Just writting, my heart to obey
Everything hurts so much today
Everything falls along, but not my way

I, a slay..
A clueless little girl, so gray
No way for me to go, affraid
Scared and alone once more, no hey!
Can't believe what my eyes saw today

Why do I feel so alone again, Sunday
Another week has passed away
I'm scared to ask for help, I pray

My lips where yours, your prey
My hips you touch, no shame
Is that your new girlfriend, Fray?
I can't believe what I saw today..
Wrote this in 5 minutes, had to, had to release some pain. I'm sorry it's not perfect
You're just another ******* hidden under the name of God.
You're soon to be 40
I'm nowhere near 30
I hate you so much now, I only wish you bad
I hope you'll die soon, wasn't your plan to be closer to God?
All your ******* ****** beliefs broke us apart.
And I feel a LOSER falling in your trap of love.
I hope you'll read this and understand that you shouldn't exist
A mistake you were always, an angry ******* beast.
So upset with my ex. Tired of all the things I had to go through for him. I'm tired of thinking about him.
EmotionalPoet Dec 2018
I dont need a boyfriend
I'm good on my own
I've got my friends
For my love to show

I need the love from people who care
I would never let them feel in dispair.

I will do all I can to make them feel good,
Enjoying our time in our neighbourhood
My girlfriends smiles are so sweet and kind
Makes my heart flatter with happiness never mind-
Whatever comes your way always remember
The ones who where there from the start of your life, remember!
Because we always forget when someone new comes in our life the people who where there.
EmotionalPoet Dec 2018
I write because I have nothing else to do
And now your missing feels deeper than before
I need to bring you back somehow

I miss you more each day and more

I still can't believe that you're gone

And I feel more and more alone

Whatever others say you were my little brother

And my heart aches so much..
always blaming my Self
What could I have done more?

What will I do without you to adore?

You were the best thing that ever happened to me

7 I was when we met.

Atleast you're in a better place now baby, I miss you endlessly

I wish I could bring you back

But I promise we'll meet again in heaven,
Because that's where you belong.
To my dog that died recently after 15 years together. I LOVE YOU FOREVER BABY
EmotionalPoet Dec 2018
Our first month was our start
So we can't say it was good or bad

Our second month was apart,
Far away but still our start

Our third month brought us together
To the forth we said forever
Even if for so long, we weren't together

Now entering the fifth,
I can't wait for the sixth

And seventh will follow
Our hearts will never be hollow

Eighth will pass
And ninth here it was

Tenth already feels like a bliss
Eleventh closer to the beach

And twelfth, look its already a year!
How time has passed dear oh dear

Will each year feel this way?
Time after time closer to our day?

May we always find shelter in the eyes of eachother
May we support and thank God for one another
Dedicated to my relationship
  Nov 2018 EmotionalPoet
Just a cut
Just a scratch
"What's that mark?"
"It was just the cat"

Just an excuse
Just another lie
"What's with all the bracelets?"
"Just fashion, why?"

Just a tear
Just a scream
"Why were you crying?"
"Just a bad dream"

But it's not just a cut
Or a tear or a lie
It' always 'just one more'
Until you die
EmotionalPoet Nov 2018
It hurt so much to not hear from you
So I decided to disappear from the sight of you

To let you alone, let you think well
Until your heart and mind feels better

I dont know if it's the right thing to do
Been trying my best to keep the best part of you

Another day, I dont want to deal
I dont even know how to make our goals ideal

Maybe you're out, maybe you're not
Maybe I'm online and what not

Haven't spoken properly in days
Will you care more about me if we part ways?

My love I'm sorry my heart is in pain
And I can no longer live in vain

A little girl you wanted, a little girl to adore
Now that you have her you want more?
If this poem feels unfinished, it is. Thats how I feel exactly.
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