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EmotionalPoet Jun 2019
So I started reading my poems today
The ones I posted since my first Sunday

Seems to me that I suffered a lot
I was upset and wanted to spill some blood

I'm better now, I really am

Writing poems was an escape
A path that I had to take

I'm glad for everything I wrote no take backs
It's how I felt, true, raw and dark

Thank you for everyone who was
Without you non of these I could bear
EmotionalPoet Apr 2019
I have class to take
I have love to make
I have places to visit
Taste the wine, so exquisite
I have people to see
I have passion on me
I have the sun and the sea
I have the birds on the tree
I have the dogs in the park
Catching the ball and bark
I have beautiful friends
Talking all night no ends
I have a fire in my soul
I thought I forgot but not at all
I'm finally free
Oh the sun and the sea
Soon it will be summer
I'll be so bronzed no wonder
Soon I'll be so free
No pain will weigh on me
So much I can share
The life, the love, the care
EmotionalPoet Apr 2019
You are who you are, I am who I am, nothing will change
And now our fake love ..estranged
I just HAVE to move on for God's sake!
I'm tired of wasting my self, no more to take
It's finally time for my soul to feel free
I can't move, I count to three..
One : "breath"
Two : "let it sink in"
Three : "exhale slowly", Holly Molly!
Do something for me, why do I need to suffer?!?
It's not enough what I've done?
What else do I need to learn?
They say every step is a lesson
I haven't written in a while, I'm a mess on and on..
Trying to write a poem, I followed you again
I'm trying to find your new girlfriend
Where is she what's her name?
Will she bear your child one day?
Something I was always afraid of was that I never mattered to you.
And it seems that this is my lesson :
I need to love myself more than I ever loved you..
Just something I needed to take off my chest. Haven't written in a while, too much pain kept me down. Thanks
EmotionalPoet Feb 2019
Yesterday I felt good about myself
I thought I looked good in that dress
Today I saw a video of me
And my self esteem went down, I'm down on my knee
I'm working so hard to maintain,
A good physic my self to entertain
My self to be proud of
My self to not be worn off
I count calories every day
A limit I set to always obey
A workout regim to never look pass
Only walking, not taking the bus
I find my legs so thick why?
I find my arms so flabby, No I deny
I'm gonna try to push some more forward
To not give up on this trip, only onward
To me and everyone who struggles.
EmotionalPoet Jan 2019
Don't have much to say
Just writting, my heart to obey
Everything hurts so much today
Everything falls along, but not my way

I, a slay..
A clueless little girl, so gray
No way for me to go, affraid
Scared and alone once more, no hey!
Can't believe what my eyes saw today

Why do I feel so alone again, Sunday
Another week has passed away
I'm scared to ask for help, I pray

My lips where yours, your prey
My hips you touch, no shame
Is that your new girlfriend, Fray?
I can't believe what I saw today..
Wrote this in 5 minutes, had to, had to release some pain. I'm sorry it's not perfect
EmotionalPoet Jan 2019
You're just another ******* hidden under the name of God.
You're soon to be 40
I'm nowhere near 30
I hate you so much now, I only wish you bad
I hope you'll die soon, wasn't your plan to be closer to God?
All your ******* stupid beliefs broke us apart.
And I feel a LOSER falling in your trap of love.
I hope you'll read this and understand that you shouldn't exist
A mistake you were always, an angry ******* beast.
So upset with my ex. Tired of all the things I had to go through for him. I'm tired of thinking about him.
EmotionalPoet Dec 2018
I dont need a boyfriend
I'm good on my own
I've got my friends
For my love to show

I need the love from people who care
I would never let them feel in dispair.

I will do all I can to make them feel good,
Enjoying our time in our neighbourhood
My girlfriends smiles are so sweet and kind
Makes my heart flatter with happiness never mind-
Whatever comes your way always remember
The ones who where there from the start of your life, remember!
Because we always forget when someone new comes in our life the people who where there.
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