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Through drift of days
comes rest in space and silence.
What’s past is ours to release,
God’s to redeem.
Scattered seeds of truth,
once sown in love or violence,
when yielded to His hands
may bloom in glorious gleam.
Roy-Jax Jul 29
If God is my king
n I'm the son of God
That means I'm a prince

C i am just human
I know that I'm flawed
That's why there's forgiveness

Forgiveness from Jesus
Just know he is Lord
He'll free u from distress
Derrick Jones Jul 22
The rain came swiftly
Cleansing me of past misdeeds
I dry in the sun
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Tom Berry Jul 10
I am he that needs redemption—
Does the Earth know exemption?
A boy and his pen I dream of books.
A boy and his pen I dream of quasar.

Now redemptions on your mind when you think about me.
and he may not be pure- but I swear his love’s so holy I find redemption in his eyes
Sitting at the edge of the water

Staring at the ocean

Wondering if it was as deep as my love for you

My eyes close, I let my thoughts of you roam

You take me into your arms

Your head pressed against my back

No words said, just feelings felt

It was perfect, nothing to could ruin it

I never cared about anything else

I never wanted you to leave

i needed you with me every night

You needed my heart, my love

I would give it to you over and over again

We should've been together forever

We made promises,

We made sacrifices.

Why did Fate have to be so cruel?

Happiness always seemed to elude me

I couldn't save you

Now I needed to be saved too

Your memories haunt me

I want you out of my life

But I take you back every night

I can't sleep without your image in my head

I wish I could see you one more time

Outside of my head

Feel your body one more time

Your lips on mine

I want to get lost in your eyes again

I need to hear you say you love me one more time

Could I ever fall in love again?

You took my heart when you left

I'm empty, just a hollow shell

I had a wall, I put up my defenses

You sneaked past and I fell

You left! No hugs, no goodbyes

I knelt beside your bed,

Holding your cold hands hoping you would feel it

Hoping you would hear my voice,

Find your way back to me


I knew your were gone,

I couldn't accept it

How was I to live without you?

Lord take me too

She didn't deserve to be there alone

She needed me

I needed her

The thought of death never felt so appealing

What was on the other side?

I never really cared

Wherever she was, that was home

I would find peace and love again

Sitting at the edge of the ocean

Silently saying goodbye to the world behind

I got up to walk into the water

To let the ocean take me to you

I closed my eyes and smile

Inside I prayed for a sign

That I would be able to go on without you

The water seemed to give way as I proceeded

This was it, this was my last moment


Then I felt it, a hand then a voice

All in my head I presumed

Somehow I get pulled out of my reverie

I turned and saw her pulling me

I wasn't going to let Fate ruin this for me

My lover was waiting for me

But I made a mistake

I looked into my strangers eyes

It captured me

Fear, compassion, pity, love?

Was this my sign?

I followed her lead out of the water 

I let her talk me out of it

Maybe I could continue living

Your memory forever etched in my heart

Back at the edge of the water

Staring at the ocean

My saviour's hand in mine

Supporting me, strengthening me

I'm sorry my love.

I loved you, I always will.

You're my past but she's my present

My future.

Fate was kind to me

Gave me a second chance

I would never be free of you

But this is goodbye.
Max Jun 25
Hope is what keeps me alive throughout my stint in life. Sheer hope. Hope and the presence of loved ones
A tribute to shawshank
Joshua Penrod Jun 23
I thank God
For taking from me everything He has taken
For giving to me everything He has given
For every step has a purpose of its own

"Thank You" -JP
Joshua Penrod Jun 21
Trying constantly
To shed all those days
That have long since passed  

"Passed Days" -JP
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