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Joyce Sep 2017
if you're not sorry, i'm not sorry.
let's get drunk. let's get ****** up. let's forget each other's names and call each other charles and maude for no good reason.
let's go swimming in the river and freeze our ***** off.

this world, this world, this world. it's too big for us and we love disappearing in it.
if you're not sorry, i'm not sorry.
we'll write a song and these will be the only words.
we'll sing it sweet and out of tune around a campfire and watch our friends kiss the wrong people.

i wanna die smiling. i don't care when. i just wanna.
promise me you won't be around when i get boring.
promise me we won't even talk about it when the time comes for us to leave each other.
one of us will wake up and we'll just feel it. we'll just know.

that's how i want this to go.
a song with only a chorus. no bridge, no fade out, just a steady tune that doesn't get tired.

keep driving.
i wanna know what the air smells like in nevada. i wanna see it all.
if you're not sorry, i'm not sorry.
let's stop talking. keep this song on, it's my favorite.
NewAgeOfAnarchy Jul 2015
Love is the emotion which divided many and unites all.
©2015 copyright Michael Cross

— The End —