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PoserPersona Jun 21
Just white male redneck trailer trash
Privileged life of manual labor friviousless
Just white male redneck trailer trash
Father was a bricklayer, and his, and his...
Just white male redneck trailer trash
Toiling their backs away to pay their toll
Just white male redneck trailer trash
Building the views and places you stroll
Just white redneck male trailer trash
1% of whites oppressed the rest
The ****, women, blacks, Jews, gypsies, Asians, Hispanics, Irish, and such. But where that just white male redneck trailer trash at?!
However, when we speak our privileged minds, you bash
We just forever that white male redneck trailer trash
But now white historical one percent oppressors,
have "elected" to open their "merited" doors
to scant ****, women, blacks, and such..
Not white male trailer trash so much
*white male redneck trailer trash
Excuse me, cause I am just
white male redneck
trailer trash.
Not able.
No moral or rational person will think that minorities and women haven't been historically suppressed and continue to be so to various degrees by more than just the 1% of the most privileged white people, however, I believe and feel, in response to historical oppression, there is indeed an active anger and paranoia unnecessarily directed at white people and even more so white, straight, males. Considering historical context, it's not hard to fathom why this is so, but that doesn't justify it. Having to hear someone tell my father who has worked in construction his whole life that he is privileged by someone who themselves is a college graduate from a great school from a family of doctors, professors, and lawyers is frustrating and hypocritical, in my opinion. Being black, hispanic, female, non-gender conforming, asexual, etc., does not necessarily mean your life is always harder than all others who don't fit within those parameters. Classism in of itself and aside from identity politics is an issue some class privileged minorities and females seem to conveniently ignore to various degrees, as that is a privilege I presume that they don’t want to acknowledge as then they are no longer the victims of oppression they fancy themselves to be and have to be accountable to both their failures and why there successes aren't as impressive as they present them. If you yourself are from a wealthy successful family, don’t feel guilty, but don't disenfranchise those who don’t have that privilege, particularly when your minority in-group, if you belong to one, actually contains a majority of individuals who are disenfranchised to an extent that limits their mobility and quality of life significantly more so than you probably are. Do we still have a ways to go? Yes, of course. Do you still have certain challenges if you're from a wealthy family as a minority, yes, of course and they are still legitimate struggles, but life's a ***** for everyone but usually less so when your biggest problem isn't a lack of money, social capital, or prestige. Yes, white straight men still dominate the top rungs of the ladder more than they should, but they are a small fraction of white straight males and to lump us all together is short sighted and a stereotype. Many of these people I'm calling out right now preach they are openminded, cultivated, and moral, but it is only to the degree you agree with them or otherwise to the degree it advances their own individual or in-group political agendas. Open-mindedness and liberalism are not synonymous terms. Correlated, yes, but causation is not necessarily correlation. Life can be so much greater for us all, let's work together and erode the barriers we so easily call out, but never cross.
Temporal Fugue Nov 2017
Gotta get the engine blocks
painted on the lawn
Gotta get the derelict wrecks
rearranged, by dawn
The ol double wide, re-sided
redo the roof, and shingles
****, she even wants
the sound of X-mas jingles
It's that time of year
here, in redneck land
Family coming to town
squattin a month, their plan
The yearly escapades
my dear love makes me do
a white trash decorating thing
she says
"or there's no ***, for you"
:D~ Mamma aint happy, aint nobody happy...
Temporal Fugue Jan 2017
Sloppin the hog
huntin the dog
Yo there redneck, my lady is fine
Huntin the dog
sloppin the hog
I don't make trouble, most o the time
Sloppin the hog
huntin the dog
She drives me crazy with all o her moves
Huntin the dog
sloppin the hog
I ain't lazy, sliding o'ver her grooves
Sloppin the hog
huntin the dog
Burying my bone, drinkin moonshine
Hair of the dog
sloppin the hog
Flavour stuck on me, like essence of pine
Sloppin the hog
hair of the dog
Early in morn, to rise and shine
Hair of the dog
sloppin the hog
Peeing air freshener, burnin a line
Sloppin the hog
hair of the dog
All thanks to ***, I didn't go blind
Peeing green fog
burnin my log
Sinning all night, drinkin spoiled moonshine
Hair of the dog
sloppin the hog
Burnin my log
peeing green fog
This, is not funny :D much...
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