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Hammad Feb 22
Love is like diving into the raging river,
It keeps throwing you
into the cold and turbulent current
and you find yourself
being ****** into a whirlpool,
swirling down to the river bed

It scours out
the traits and traces of you
It tests your grit
and Everyday you find the courage
to dive again,
tread the waters
and just keep learning
to stay afloat...
Nikkie Jan 30
We never have the essential answers, to the questions in our daily lives.
God takes the lead and remains in control.
God touches our hearts beyond wishes untold.
I know you’re hurting so very much; I want to help but I don’t know how.
This storm of yours is barreling toward you; sweeping you up and spinning you within.
You hide behind your strength for others;
but you my friend need someone too!
I can’t imagine, in my wildest dream the intensity
of your pain; the complexity of your damaged will!
To lose so many whom you love so dearly, has got to be
robbing your emotion.
When your insides feel like a drowning sorrow,
When your days and nights regret tomorrow,
When your eyes tear up behind their sockets,
(because you refuse to let your feelings show).
When you just don’t want to be the “old” you,
When you can’t see yourself making it through.
When you just can’t seem to gain any control.
When you feel like giving it all up for good,
When your pain and hurt is misunderstood.
Always remember what I am saying.
Dearest friend in “my whole wide world”,
Our Heavenly father is right by your side.
We have our pain and rock hard endings.
We have our trials and tribulations.
We have our moments of dis-repair.

We have our moments when we just don’t care.
But you serve a God who is all around you.
Holding you close in your raging storm.
You may not see it; you may not feel it.
But God is standing faithfully behind you;
waiting for you to Trust him and fall.
undermyfeet Jun 2020
My eyes flick shut and time has passed me by
Your liquor and money had caught me in a high
There's something burning inside me now

Unaware I could have been pure til the rain
White dress draped around me like a chain
But no, I must tear you off my skin

Your words have made me doubt my own spirit
Bent me over like a punch to the gut
But you could not gauge the glow inside me now

I will drown you with fire, I vow
I am not water or a flower or a delicacy
I am a raging star, a wrathful beauty

And you will watch as I push you- you fall
Until all you are left is a mere regret
And I will have -in full- paid my debt
JustMK Feb 2020
And I'll run until I can't remember
the weight of your hands on my hips
until I can smell your shampoo
and not wish to run my hands through your hair.

I'll run until I forget
what it was like to stand still and be held
so close to your beating heart.
Until that afternoon
where I was pinned underneath you
fades completely from my memory.

Yes, I'll run and scream and fight
until I can walk beside you
without a heart of lead carving ruts in my wake
without casting glances
and admiring your beauty.
I will rage and burn
until I can see a bougainvillea
without immediately hearing your voice;
your careful singing in my shower,
your laugh, your low, stolen whispers.

And I'll keep weeping and wishing
that there were no kisses to forget,
no notes to burn or keep,
no flowers that crumble in my grasp,
no shirts that smell like you,
no jigsaw hollows where you still fit perfectly.
Wondering how long it will be
before the songs don't make me think of you
before the kitchen is just the kitchen
and my bedroom is just a bedroom.
                               before I fulfill your wish
                               and we are just friends again.

Friends who once snuck off,
held hands,
talked at midnight,
shared a bed (albeit only once)
shared favorite memories,
played guitar in the dark,
laughed at their own shy ways,
almost kissed,
almost became more.

Almost made it.

I will grind myself to dust,
if only it makes it easy to swallow
the bitter break of a first love,
a stolen heart, returned only to shatter
in my grasp. We hugged quickly, spun apart
when all I wanted is to cry and hold you
the way a dying man clings to the lifeboat.
So yeah, that girl I liked and snuck around with for about three weeks kissed me on Thursday and then broke it off on Friday. I walked out of class and went home to cry and process, only to go back to campus and awkwardly walk home with her and her sister.
And I was starting to feel okay when she added new information, so when we greeted each other for the weekend I was already on the verge of tears. And I really wished it hadn't gone that way. I wish I could go back and just not tell her that I liked her. That would've saved us a lot of heartbreak, both of us.
Because we're not talking.
And I have no idea what to do.
No one is talking.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
It’s hurting
I can’t make it stop
You can’t take away the pain
I want it to stop
But it keeps clawing at my heart
It keeps raging in my mind
It keeps rotting in my veins
I let the drugs take away the pain
Nicotine flows through my veins
And I escape.
inreticence Jun 2019
what a funny little thing.

stubborn, at most. 

reckless, always.

plowing through

all the excuses.

raging and carefree.

not at all clueless,
Ezra Yelverton Jan 2019
i see the fire raging
in your belly
the steel gunning
down your back.

i will not run from the danger,
i want every piece of you.
arian Jan 2019
these silhouettes strolled across, through the creaking bridge,
walked on it as if they didn't notice the noise,
stepped on it like they knew which path to take next,
but one thing they knew was that they had to cross over
without knowing it would break and took them down
and fed them to the raging waves below.
Hannah Reber Dec 2018
The clothes on my back...

I can feel them brushing against my skin~

The words of my family

I hear them flooding into my brain

Little flares of light,
I see them into a rushing blur
The responsibility of my age
Watching as the world turns to chaos

The clothes
They restrict me
Strangling me all at once

The Family
They whirl around me
Words pouncing
Steps thundering
Conversations surrounding

Flares roaring
The sight
of the atomosphere...
Raging..........Sparking.......Lighting up
The storm of chaos...Pouring down..Winds of complete and utter colors whipping my mind into a blender. Everything becomes blurry, The stress from all the sounds, the color, the people, the lights, the feelings of clothes, remembering responsibility. Everyone telling me to CALM DOWN

HOW IN HELL am I supposed to CALM DOWN!!!!

My world is I flames BURNING IN MY BRAIN

EVERYTHING CRUMbeling around me,
my mind lumps together, turning to mush
my fingers becoming useless,
everything falls through the surface
as I leave the room
abandoning my responsibilities

The family thinks of me as a monster
I swore words in the form swords at them
All I wanted was the chaos to stop
All I wanted was to stop
the clothes to stop strangling
the light to stop rushing by
the words to stop pounding in my ears
the world,
I just needed it to stop..

I am not a monster

I am not trying to be rude

I just wanted to breathe

I was just stressed.

Don't think of me as a monster,
I do not mean to be.

I am just

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