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JKJI Feb 7
I will push forever,
for however long it will hold.
If it means I get to have you.
Two years, maybe five,
or even thirty,
It will not matter to me,
because, maybe, forever
is every second with you.
Ah, to be young and in love.
JKJI Feb 1
I am on a journey backwards,

trying to retrace my footsteps

to where I might have lost myself.

So I can pick it up, and keep going.
JKJI Jan 30
I used to look at you
like you were an open book,
out in the open, for the world to see.

But the closer I got,
the more I saw.

I saw the walls around you.
I saw how you painted them to hide yourself.
I saw glimpses of the demons you try to keep at bay.

For the first time,
I saw the baggages you carried.
The scars you wear.

And I realized I have been looking at you
for the longest time,
without ever truly seeing you.
And I am sorry.

But I am here now.
I see you.
JKJI Jan 27
You dangled the words
right above my head
like a dream,
too high up for me to reach.

How cruel.

For you to say you love me
when you barely mean it.
JKJI Jan 26
It's a daunting thing,
          self awareness.

Especially, when you realize
                   you barely know yourself.
JKJI Jan 24
I’ve been dead long enough to know

there is no pain in numbness and

no fear when you know the dark,

no heartache without a heart.
JKJI Jan 6
There are parts of me,
dark parts of me,
that I don't think
I can ever fix, and

I am terrified
of wanting things
that I don't deserve.
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