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Glenn Currier Oct 2018
Solomon tells God not to forget his promises he made to his father, David, of successors and protection.

     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

I wonder what his promises are to me
if he has made any at all.

But if he has not
he has in a million small and large matters
protected me
except when I didn’t allow him to
which is probably most of the time.  

Dare I expend the energy
to mentally list these matters?  

I seem so lazy  
when I think of my parents and how they sacrificed
their pleasure and comfort for me,
when I think of the pain I caused Mom
from the first weeks of conception on.
Oh how I have taken that love for granted.  
How much more so with my Creator.  

But truth is, I cannot separate the love
of Mamma and Daddy
friends who bore my boorishness
kin who’ve overlooked me overlooking them
I cannot separate these
from the fingers of the great sculptor.    

(See I Kings 8:25-30)
I revisited this poem 1-22-19 and the first part made me go to Wikipedia and the Bible for further understanding of these promises.  This then, led me to do more research on what was the ark of the covenant and what was that covenant.  Very interesting.  What I read summarizes a bunch of what the Bible and traditional Christians teach.
Michael Briefs Jul 2017
In the ancient ages of our story,
Long lost on the storm-tossed sea of time,
Mystics, Shamen, Seers, Poets, and Prophets
Pointed to paths leading to survival,
Vital roads for our guides to find.
Lo, our progress came through
The purge of many perils.
In the grip of that troubled existence,
Our visionaries found the way forth
From a plague of deadly terrors.

Born out of the feverish tumult of the mystic Wild-man
Or the symbolic song of a Tribal Priestess,
Came words of hope and vision.
Their inner-light was a primordial premonition, stoking
The courage to make our daunting decisions.
Their mind’s eye pierced the veil, striking
Lightning catalysts into a forest of fascination,
To ignite the strength we must bring to fruition!

We clung to their words as we clung to each other,
And heard their call to mission.
We allowed the signs of their ecstasy to gestate
Within our souls; words woven into myths
To bear the fruit of immortal imagination!
Out of this flame came the hard-won wisdom of our people,
Our embryonic culture, and the seeds of our salvation.

We traveled on in the grip of a darkened world and
Survived together, confirmed by a shared oath.
The tree of humanity’s fragile hope must take root,
To fulfill its future growth.

We are an Ark-people, a covenant people,
A people of deep foundations.
We take that light, that fire, and
That power into our destiny,
Striking wild and true within!

May the ineffable Creator bless our steps,
Secure our path, inspire our faith,
And anoint our hearts for the road ahead,
What I believe: Love Rules! It doesn't matter what Faith tradition you come from or you aspire to. Let love be your North Star! Everything you do should flow from that...uh, ahem..."fundamental" foundation. Religion, ritual, symbolism, doctrine...these things can be effective and even beautiful. BUT: if they don't point to LOVE and emphasize the MYSTERY of life (over Fundamentalist attempts to paint that mystery as a black-and-white, judgmental, sin-focused, us-against-them kind of religiosity), then they are only a path to hatred, exclusion/separation, war and death. Love, by it's very nature, welcomes us all; it is the source and destination of all creation. Be a source of love and you will be a source of light. You and I are a part of the ultimate power of creation, expressed as light, in love! Peace!
A photo that I thought matched well with this poem:
M Harris Feb 2017
Electric Fire
Liquid Desire

Purged Mists
Lost Restrains

My mind was born in dark abysses
From destructive rebellion inside of me
I see the world in colors of traitorous death
I can feel a brotherly hand of the devil

I've thrown off the shackles, shackles rounded by the thorn
I've killed the weakness, weakness designated to commoners

The covenant signed in childish ignorance
Broken as a fruit from paradise garden
I've entered the palace of free hellish elites
Living behind a grey, wormy nest

I've cut the umbilical cord, an umbilical cord filled with venom
I've thrown away my memories, cursing all the past.

02:55 AM
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
I don't wanna die yet
but i want to leave this world,really!
with*  *a spark twinkling in their eyes
with a sweetest smile at their lips
with the true happiness on their hearts
with a peaceful thinking of their minds
through my writings that
wrote ups my entire life
together with them distantly

i wouldn't be left  without  even saying
that i am leaving...for i don't wanna be gone
without even enjoying the blessing
beyond the health and wellness of their bodies
without even seeing the prosperity of their lives
without even knowing there is a salvation of their souls
without hearing the forgiveness of their own
as well as my shortcomings

let me live and let die
with or without  music in my ears
with or w/out struggles in my hands
with or w/out a friend who trusted me not
with or w/out a lover who loves me not
cuz i couldn't be seated anymore
with or w/out a reader by YOUR own will
for i should stand up on my own feet
with or w/out somebody by my side
again let me live and let die
by caressing me in Your powerful loving arms
with or w/out my beloved mystery rhyme!

PLEASE LET US STAY by the love and companion
**within your everlasting covenant
from dusk till dawn...
smile in between miles!

— The End —