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Every dawn is a nexus, /
Every twilight is a beckoning; therefore, /
Embrace the fickle future /
Ensconscing within the sacral oath /
Of a thousand words: /
These utterances shall envelop you /
When upon Triumphal Arcadian Skies /
We meet again. /

Save your tears, /
For love shall reign /
From the empyreal aethers above /
To the Gaian epidermis of /
The Magnanimous Matriarch; moreover, the mellifluous kisses /
Of The Sovereign of Songbirds /
Will burgeon within, /
Will descend upon you as The Holy Dove. /

Unfurl your third eye, /
See with an indefatigable clarity /
All that you were meant to be: /
Strong, Wise, Just; /
Love; /
A luminary fulminating /
Radiantly, resplendently upon /
The Denizens of the Terrene. /

(—Se' lah)
Your heart /
Is an impearled grand piano: /
Every word, /
Every thought, /
Every utterance, /
Is an ivory key emitting /
A sonic, an aeonic testimonial; /
A reverberation of spirit./

Awaken your senses, /
Trust your intuition, /
Burgeon in the beauteous /
Molecule quenching, /
Rays of the Feuillemorte, /
Hiemal, Vernal, & Estival Sol. /
In truth, our Mother Lodestar /
Transcends the seasons./

Evanescent, /
Though life may be, /
She is worthy of every /
Onerous breath, /
For all is a quickening; A preparation /
For the auric-ascendence, the platinum self-transcendence /
Awaiting us in /
The Realm of Greater Eden. /

Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III, AAS

ryn Mar 2021
The knowledge of days
beyond tomorrow.

The vision of nights,
graced by future moons.

The brief glimpse
behind the veil of sorrow.

The eternal unrest
due to a life gone too soon.
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
Sometimes I see the future in reverse
a blessed curse
to live a scene
previously witnessed

truly life is a stage
thank you, five minutes
I prepare to be the art
The whole world babe, it's all ready for you to play your part, be the star you are. Honey Bunny.
Bea Burnett Jul 2020
What if I had one more eye?
Noble with clarity-
A superior eye.

It would see tomorrow,
Not yet set in stone,
So set apart from the world I know-

Distinctive and discernible,
I envision a procession,
Of time trailed before me.

Enthroned on my brow,
The lone eye would crest,
Possessed with its profound unrest.

Clairvoyant, cunning, beaming eye-
Perched above organs of trivial nature,
Adorned, a crown that never cries,
It knows no regretful quakers.

How magnificent!
It would be,
To see so clearly,
To amend early,
To haven from horror,
To have an aura,
Of the triumphs yet to unfold,
If only an eye that bold,
Were part of me.
A collaborative poem with Godfrey Ndlovu
Somehow I already know
how it ends,
even before it begins.
Call it some type of

But you were unexpected;
you weren't part of the plan.

I chased you from the
comfort of the only path I knew,
and now all that I know
is how lost I'd be
without you.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
I have seen it all.

All that, which is now
And all that, which will be
And all that, which has come before…
I have seen it all.

With fortune eyes, inside a crystal ball mind;
I found my destination, as I heard the call,
While the others remained blind.
Tell us no lies, to make the truth memorable.
When will be the day that our love will end?
Or when will we see that we are inseparable?

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Selcæiös Jan 2018
Cat's Claw
Rose Petals
double Yarrow

Dancing under the Moon's luminescence
that seeps into my kitchen
I love these 3am happenings
except when I slip up
and set subconsciously mischievous intentions

Cat's Claw
Rose Petals
double Yarrow

chanting and dancing
as the Moon's glow keeps shining
entangling my soul as I rewrap fate's lining

chanting and dancing
the Moon's glow keeps on dazzling
enchanting my soul as I go

unannounced observers, lo and behold.
Sumit Ganguly Feb 2017
How tall and stout were those who wore big armors?
I wondered at a museum of heroic ancestors.
In self hypnotism I look through future.
find machines are giants, people- pygmies,
products outnumber their creators,
most inhabitants follow train of thoughts
set by  few scientists and technicians,
brains control sentiments as machines monitor hearts.
The stance is broken as the closing-bell rings.
Slowly I walk out of the empty hall.

1st. Feb. 2017
Colm Nov 2016
They don't believe me when I say,
My foresight stretches a long way.
Down the winding road of time,
Into the valley of decline,
I see my age, in the faces of those who have traveled this way.

I see my future in their shoes,
I see the certain way their memories fade like the morning dew.
And yet I have arrive at the early hour,
Before the dew has time to flee.
Before the earth has time to turn,
The dawn itself calls out to me.

For it's here I see what it simply means to simply be,
A present in the presence of the bitter sweet.
The better notion of pursuing passions which never seemed to be,
A suitable means of living without ease.

And yet such fear of fear itself is what I need,
To motivates a man such as me.
To presuppose and catch a glimpse beyond the horizon,
Into the distance where I decree,
That the next life will be a more suitable life for me.
I perceive, but I don't really know.
E Townsend Oct 2015
The sun undresses its silky rays
before the blushing earth.

The earth gazes,
her sapphire eyes soak in
the glimmering shot of dawn. The moon
hide away, curving against
the hangnail of light. Stars
scintillate their last dust of evening.

“You always act like you’ve never seen me before.”
The sun removes another layer.
“Like each time is too good to be true. ”

Spinning, the earth grows dizzy. “You are the one who
abandons me in the dark.”

Above the horizon, the sun smiles.
“Clairvoyance is buried inside of you.
You know I will always return.”

The sun’s amber skin
radiates along coasts and cities,
intensifying. Brightness diminishes-
night turns into day into night once more.

“I’m still alive for you, love.”
The earth tucks in the trails of dusk
as the sun cradles revolving planets.

“See you again, soon.”
thought of the first two lines while driving and touched on the rest just now, wish I could magically pull out all of the right words
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