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Johnny walker Mar 29
And my nights are lost and lonely and my days are far to long and Its said
that love Is for
lucky and the strong
and for me that was certainly true 24/7
I was to my wife but now looking back I would
not have wished
other way for had
strength required
to love her each every
day for she
the world to me and there will never be another In life time for she was the
Helen was my absolute love cared for her 24/7 but looking back would not have wished any other way
blackbiird Jan 18
I am no poet.
I am simply the product
Of my heart’s contrition.
My emotions bleed
Through my words on a page,
But I am no poet.
elaine Jan 17
You're such a beauty
an underrated abstract
only they can't see
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I love to spend my time now retired In dreams
and fantasies of my once
wife, to whom I owe so much
I often fantasies about the first time we fell In love I was so shy when we first met, she totally opposite very forward
I had never really adapted to adult life through child abuse I remember the very first the time that we became Intimate, the first time I had undressed a lady
I was a child on Christmas morning excited unwrapping a present slowly revealing bit by bit removing each Item of
her clothing to reveal
Couldn't take my eyes off her one can take all the wonders of the world but they don't even come close to the beauty of a ***** woman
Well that my opinion the very first time you see your lady ***** nothing compares In this life how blessed we were at birth gifted the wonders of
To me nothing compares to ***** lady such a sight of beauty so blessed to be gifted
sight at birth
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Once upon a time In my life, I met a girl who I became engaged
Once upon a time In my
the life I made that girl I was engaged to my
Once upon a time In my life the girl who I became engaged to that then became my wife became
a mother
The girl I became engaged
to who then became my wife that who became pregnant who then
became a mother

Once upon a time In my life, the girl who I became engaged to
who then became my wife then became pregnant who then became a mother and who then gifted me a wonderful
son Once upon a time
In my life
A tribute to my wife who gifted
me a wonderful son
exist Sep 2018
young people’s dreams are crushed
by the place they go where they are taught
to learn a cookie cutter way
and that their gifts are not gifts
in a world like this
we’re meant to be robots
creativity and originality is
simply dismissed
school *****
my education has turned into a
competition i never agreed to enter.
i don't hate learning, but i hate
being taught by teachers who don't
care who really just work here
so they can coach.
everyone says, its preparing
you for the real world.
so the first 13 years of my education
is just a trial run?
i don't know what day of the week
or month it is, i think in test dates
and deadlines.
they say you need a good ACT/SAT
score to get into a good college.
fun fact: only 21% of people work
in the area that they majored in.
they make it seem like everything
is depending on this test.
i don't know how much
longer i can handle this weight
and pressure to perform.
i used to be gifted way back when
but now i'm not because i wan't
continually challenged.
i just need to make it through
this semester, then it'll be over for
a couple months, then the cycle
will start again...
Derek Moran Jul 2018
sometimes I feel like my wings
are just holding me down
my mother calls them a blessing
but I’ve never heard of a blessing like this
what god gave me these wings
and thought “this will be great”
as his hand molded my bones
knowing I would never
I could never
that my wings
would never
let me

elle jaxsun Jul 2018
once gifted with
true kindness and compassion
i learned love.
Sophie Katherine Jun 2018
Am I enough?
It sure doesn’t seem like it
I grew up as the golden child
The gifted one
The multi-talented prodigy
Excellence across the board
I pushed and pressured myself to be the best
It was easy to be on top
I was enough
Insecurities started getting the best of me
A “B” was menacing
A “C” killed me
I was no longer the brightest
No longer the best
Comparison brought me down hard
My higher-than-average SAT score upset me
Someone else was better
I wasn’t the best
My anxiety got the best of me
I imagined my family’s disappointment
In my lack of straight A’s
In my lack of gifted-ness
“Try harder”
“Be better”
No one was telling me that
Except myself
I feel more average than ever
The mediocrity suffocates me
No real extracurriculars
Only three classes
The self-loathing sets in
I don’t feel proud
The praise for straight A’s
In three
It feels like mockery to me
Though deep down
I know I have something to be proud of
I could have dropped out
When my body failed me
But I didn’t
I could have given up on life entirely
But I didn’t
Maybe I’m not the classic Gifted Child anymore
Maybe I don’t sweep the awards at the school ceremony
But that’s alright
I am enough
Even if I DID drop out
Even if I DID give up
I would still be enough
Because I was put here for a purpose
My family and friends won’t leave my side
Even if I failed every test this year
I am enough
woahhhhh this is emo dhhdjs
I wrote this after thinking a LOT about how much pressure is placed on “gifted kids” at such a young age. I think it damaged me a lot, especially my sophomore year. A lot of the poem was written from the perspective of my sophomore year, when I was in an AWFUL place with extreme depression and anxiety. I occasionally go back to that place of despair, but I manage to hike myself out every time and see how awesome I am ;;))
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