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Maruko San Oct 6
We are a sad lonely teenager
a suicidal human species
We cry a lot
We hurt ourselves every other night
and melancholy won't leave us....
with all this things we carry
we still smiled.
For some, depression is just their so called aesthetic
but there are lots of people that's living with it
and some even don't know they have melancholy.
So please be nice to anyone,
and for those people who fakes it you
should go down with 2020.
Maruko San Sep 5
Why are you being a ***** to us....
Cant take it anymore, so many lives have lots due to whats happening around us (racism and the pandemic) but i guess 2020 is teaching us that if we work as one we can achieve justice to all the lives that had fallen and maltreated and pass this pandemic safely
Maruko San Aug 29
Right now I'm in a limbo,
stuck between being a kid and going through adulthood
where i'm always depressed,
where pressure is always pressed,
where my brain is unstable,
and where my emotions are unpredictable
two choices with many outcome
but for now I'll just enjoy this brief misery
of my teenage years.
just watched chemical hearts
and it really inspired me to make this piece
Maruko San Aug 21
imagine waking up in a place
where your dream could become a reality
and where the impossible can be possible
it's amazing isn't it,
you can let your imaginations run wild
but be wary
it's also the place where nightmares can hide
Maruko San Aug 14
I can't take it anymore
I'm on the verge of ending it all
but i can't...
Maruko San Jul 9
when the darkness kiss the light goodbye
my pain and sorrow
starts to say hi
with the tears streaming down my cheeks
letting my pillow acts as the basin
of my sorrow
letting the moon be the witness
of my aching heart
And letting the darkness
Comfort me through my sadness
I  cried my way out through the night
Until hours passed by and I realized
It's now sunrise
And it's another day to put on my mask of lies
Maruko San Jul 3
Sharp knife cut's through
before my eye's
as anger, pain, and sadness
blinds my mind
as I unveil the thin flesh covering my eyes
as crimson blood flows
through my wrist
as my body collapsed
hitting the cold hard floor
with a confused look
thinking why I,m longing for air
and by the time I realized I lost too much of it,
its too late  
cause I can now see death at my door asking
why my child
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