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Sombro Oct 2016
So it's night
So it's dark
So it's quiet
So am I.

Bathed in electric shadow
I push blues and whites
In cream curdled from clouds
And shades of grey and green.

In politics and paint you're born
'Welcome to the world.
You're going to make someone very happy.'

So how many days
Can you spend in nights?
Let me know, faithless print
For eyes watch us, praying fondly.

I get confused, often
Spraxically distopic in a utopian person
We'll succeed together
We'll fly on splinted wings.

I can write love poems too, you know,
But I'm only here for the future
So let's wait, together
And work for something we still breath for.

I'm here for you being here for me
And I grow branches in the night's silence.
An ode to breathlessness
And the chill of flush for the quiet.
A mixture of feelings in this one. It's late. I love painting. I'm optimistic for my future, but only if I work hard enough for it. This is a message to myself. Possessed.
Tehreem Jul 2016
He woke up smiling
Next to his dear miracle
He doesn't wanna miss
Tangled in her dreams
Only she is his dream
Came to life for him
Blazing god of rapture, that's what you're.
Eloi Apr 2016
Run away, child,
Don't let me in,
I'm a demon,
I'm a devil,
I'll teach you how to sin.

Run away, little son,
Don't look into my eyes,
They are black-blue, they are deadly,
And full of dangerous lies.

Run away, little daughter,
Before your mind I will slaughter,
My existence knows no love,
I was expelled from above.

You can never run away,
Your mind is my slave,
I will haunt you until you die,
Never to leave your side.

Run away, child.
While you're still alive.
My last poem was very focused on a time in my life where I had a lot of problems, this is also a poem about that time.
I went through some very traumatic experiences, and I believe that a lot of it was super natural.
Eloi Apr 2016
There's a man in my mirror,
His face is not mine.
He's painted onto the walls,
And carved into my mind.
He whispers In my ear,
And tells me strange things,
His twisted words betray me,
He laughs and he sings.

He has eyes so yellow as the sun,
They pierce through me, nothing can be done.
He possesses the key to set me free but he will never give it back to me.

I hope one day he will set me free,
And leave with  all of the memories he gave me.
As I've mentioned in some of my other notes, when I was younger I suffered with a few mental illnesses. One of them was schizophrenia, for over a year I saw this vision of a human like creature that would follow me around and tell me to do disturbing things.
Of course it was all in my head, well that's what I've been made to believe anyway.
But the memory of waking up and seeing him all around me has stuck with me to this day.
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
SHE rose to his towering rule,
The plaything of his life -
Love's rusting tool,
Of husband and wife.

She hath paid her heart's due -
Once struck by Death's love bow,
Her senses laid few,
Far from what she used to know.
Her heart lays upon Death's trail,
Bleeding endless waves -
Forevermore without fail,
Until she meets the graves.

Love she missed in the new day,
Of glorious awe -
Under the showers of May,
Her beating heart still raw.

Unmentioned tensions galore,
In that home just down the road,
The marriage they both bore -
Where blood soon flowed.

Alas, the man's mind!
Possessed was he,
By Death's kind -
To forever torment she.

Bleak stormy dreary eve,
Where an ominous draft -
Set Death's yarn to weave,
Death's conniving craft.

Spirits had swallowed he,
Consuming his soul -
And burdening she,
So the funeral bells may toll.

This phantasm he may abide,
Love's ending scythe -
Against her butchered hide,
The forces Death may writhe.

And behind that home,
Just down the little road -
The blood may roam,
For the marriage she abode.
lily Jan 2015
you are buried in the deepest
and it was maddening
you kissed and licked and tasted every inch
you never neglected a single part of me
ensuring i feel you everywhere
i have never felt more possessed and claimed
Poetic T Dec 2014
I look upon the empty frame
But I see, it speaks behind,
Behind me. In front there is no
Is on end, I breath, but I am exhaling.
What expelled.
I feel whispers in each ear,
"Telling me what I must"
Must, must, must.
I see what whispers, the reflection
That's not meant to be.
Muttered upon myself.
"The wood Is thirst"
"It shows yourself as meant to be"
"Reflection of that not seen"
I scream, but whispers are expelled
As I walk away.
I find in front of this mirror less frame,
Old nails
Points upon flesh.
"I find my self laying flat,"
Lacerations as I see a reflection
"In this Mirror less frame"
It is me laughing as I bleed upon wood,
I see that which took me,
It was me that **fed the wood...
its what we don't see that can reflect on us most
Poetic T Oct 2014
The voice burnt upon my brain
I wanted to speak, to be alone
But it was like a
That grew to
Scorching my mind
It was the darkness that
Encroached upon my
Every thought, desires
By this voice that's  not mine
In the depths of my mind it
My ears permanently ringing
You have imprinted on thoughts
"I don't want"
"I do want"  
"I don't know what I want"
Stop this trickery upon my mind
I am possessed by a
That spoke untruths that  
Is my voice now
"This voice is mine"
"The voice you knew is no more"
I'm screaming through my iris,
The window to my soul
Will any one hear my silent voice
This voice that speaks is not know my own
Frank Ruland Aug 2014
Sh sh sh sh...

Ghosts in my gray
Haunting this hallway
Start to dissipate.

Sh sh sh sh...

Whispers in the dark
Voices so stark
Made to hark.

Sh sh sh sh...

Inside clamor
Brain feels hammered
Start to    stammer.

Sh sh sh sh...

Phantoms roll off the tongue
Their echoes flung
Schism unsung.

Sh sh sh sh...

Falling away
With every word they say
Not    myself today.

Sh sh sh sh...

Feel I'm possessed
Besieged and aggressed
Their words opress.

Sh sh sh sh...

Just want some silence
A little compliance
So please just be QUIET.

Sh sh sh sh...
Life's a Beach Jun 2014
She is his
You can see it just from a glance
It can't be chance
that he sits so rigid
Their PDA almost frigid
in it's clockwork execution
we kiss now, here, then, when we should
Their public nature behind a hood
of do's and don'ts,
should, could so would,
but never must
never need.
I don't feel she's ever breathed
just for you, she
feels too insular.


His posture is pride,
A look; a challenge
A touch: assurance
This one is mine
Look, don't touch
Envy me
But find your own
In his arms his serpent glows
and coils around his throat
Their words are whispers of
A secret society
who's key they ate,
their touches tempt fate.

You're going to hurt him

But for now she coils, and
boils his blood
and throws his rudder out of
And he sits, a deadbolted frame,
clinging to a paper Mona Lisa
which could flap away
or, at any moment,
bore and

But for now,
they're proud and
loud with public love.
And crapping doves
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