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Poetictunes Dec 2015
You whispered sweet nothings into my ear,
Only to let them fall right out of your mouth into thin air to disappear.
You tried to use your smooth words as bait.
To get in between
My heaven gates.

You ain't nothing but a player.
kyle Shirley Nov 2015
You wanna trade for my bachelor life?
Leave a nice home and picket fence?
be warned its not loving or forgiving.
This road you walk is lonely one,
Paved with stained bedsheets
and empty bottles
its not worth giving up Paradise.

I'll trade kindly,
you take this life of freedom and anxiety, while ill take your love, affection, stability, and eternal happiness.
Im done with this curse,
you can have it.
waking up with a nameless face,
awkward mornings, and
lonely cigarette filled nights...
ill take sharing a bed
with a beautiful woman,
cuddling close
make her feel safe and warm.
taking heavy burdens in life
and claim them as my own.
bringing a fragment of
Prince charming to life.
I write in conclusion
to whom it may concern,
          If for a second she is not enough to you, leave.
You will find yourself in a ruthless place where every man is for himself.
Scared of sacrifice and romance.
Believing that what women truly want is a great *** partner and a free meal,
instead of making her feel like theres no one else in the world but her,
that look you can give that makes her feel special in any of her moments.
Camille Koser Sep 2015
Drunk and poured my heart out next thing you know I was pouring my guts out in a trash can. You got me vulnerable holding my hair getting me some ibuprofen . Look at you trying to look out. I already looked out I see the cards in your hand. Carelessly I played into your plan.
Wrote this a min. ago was suppose to be to a rap I was writing that I just did not finish.
The day arrived, the sun was out
The sky was perfect, calm
All was as it should be
No resistance 'fore the storm
A winter gone, a spring in bloom
Things were as things should be
Fresh paint and banners hung out
For all the world to see
Bunting just the way it was
On days like this before
It showed off baseball's history
No less and nothing more
The lines were crisp and dedicated
The foul lines and the fair
The team logos were painted
Silence hung in the spring air
A church for fifty thousand
To revere this game they'll see
And if each single seat is filled
There'll be fifty thousand forty three
The boys of summer own this field
New history shall be made
While fans scream for their favorites
As the game is being played
A chess game on such pristine grass
At this park it's real
At others you will find that it
Is plastic...and lacks feel
The players, some are new as well
They were not here last year
The owners changed the line ups so
Your favorites are not here
Fathers, sons, and daughters
Share this circus every spring
It's a rite of family passage
To most a holy thing
New jerseys, hats and banners
Showing where alliegance lies
There is no joy in Mudville
As each person chooses sides
The umpires, too, begin anew
They must be on the ball
Today's game is most scrutinized
You cannot miss a call
The sense of pomp and circumstance
In this annual ceremony
Breaks out all of the rituals
In a loud cacophony
The teams announced and anthems sung
Color parties raise the flags
This is what baseball's all about
Home plate and three new bags
The smell of ******* jack and beer
Hot dogs and candy corn
Soon start to infiltrate the park
And they break up this fresh morn
The players sit below now
Waiting for the game to start
Cliche speeches break the air
As the managers play their part
It's time to all get ready
Put this years "uni" on
And to rid your self of buttlerflies
And get that feeling gone
You check yourself before hand
Make sure that the outfits good
And you go over the ground rules
And know exactly what you should
Your'e as important to this game now
You are the holder of their fate
For your job is most important
You let the patrons though the gate
The actors in this rite of spring
Are varied in their roles
From players, umps and concessioneirs
They all make baseball whole
The opening of each season
Shows off every single team
From the players out there on the field
To the ones behind the scenes.
You put your best foot forward
Because you want them all to say
That baseball is just special
Because of Opening Day.
For those of you who like baseball
They all seem so disposable
It hasn't always been like this
I once was the disposable one
The one that didn't matter
The one trying to keep her composure
I used to care to much
And now I care so little
I used to get head over my heels so easily
But the words coming out of their mouths weren't real
And I learned not to be the foolish girl
The one standing there looking like an idiot  
So instead I leave before they can
Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out
Running away like this
Love Mar 2015
There are nights I can't sleep,
because I'm pestered with thoughts of you.

There are mornings I wake,
Exhausted from chasing you.

There are afternoons I bare,
Pretending I'm fine.
Maybe one day I'll believe it.

Then finally the evenings I collapse,
Knowing that this isn't the last.

The worst parts of my day,
Are seeing you,
because it reminds me,
of how little I meant to you.
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Undoubtedly all great players know                                                                      Their roles accurately ...                                                                                           No one goes beyond                                                                                                 One's role anytime ...                                                                                               All roles are planned greatly                                                                                    To suit themselves ...                                                                                                 Any violation of one's role ,then                                                                              It will inevitably lead to one's end ...                                                                       Crossing red lines is not allowed anytime ...
skyblueandblack Dec 2014
He casts his fishing lines into the water and waits patiently
.. what shall be the catch for tonight?
He needs something to breathe life back into himself; get his creative juices flowing again.

This is what feeds the Artist after all.
He does not need food or water;
he needs inspiration.
Good, bad, ugly.. it matters not.
It must be something- someone-
that affects him intensely,
that reaches deep down beyond his self-imposed armour,
and grabs at his soul.
He needs to devour in order to survive.

It is not long before one bites, and then another.. and maybe another.
He gently coaxes, drawing them in with his seductive lures.
He knows this art well.. knows what to say, what to do, who to be.. or not be..

He examines.. tests them..
… a little subtlety here.. more boldness there,
     …… but tempered,
                with a laugh,
                a smile,
                  a chuckle,
                    a wink.

He doesn’t quite want to scare them away,  but he wants to see how far he can go.
What boundaries can he safely breach..?
He pushes, he pulls..
He engages, he retreats..
He shares, he takes..
He tugs, he releases…
     … and the dance continues until his search is satisfied.

And then when he has determined which shall be his catch for the night,
which of these waltz partners is most ready to be broken – open-
he gently releases the others back into the waters…
gently Discarded.

Perhaps they will be led back to his watering hole another day,
and perhaps they will be the ‘one’ at that future time —
or perhaps they will never be seen or heard from again.

It does not matter.

What matters is Now.
What matters!
         is what it takes to feed his desire.
What matters is this moment.
Everything is in this one moment.

This is practice after all.. one must practice in order to perfect the technique.
One must perfect the technique if he wishes to be claimed and devoured by Bliss.
And who does not wish to be devoured by Bliss?

“Enjoy the practice, perfect the technique”.

he says.
The Black Raven Nov 2014

Two. paces. forward.
three. paces. left.

New position
protection of the weak
inferior to the mightier.

One. pace. forward.

casualty of the battle
slice me open
take me into the other
with your strong hand.

Zero. paces.

Stay seated
and think ahed,
behind the wall of marble bodies.
DO NOT let them in.

None left.

Battle won.

Take me away to remind me,
that at the end of the game

the king and the pawn

are still put away

in the same box.
olympia May 2014
won't you pay
just for me?
just this one time?
please, just let me see?

i've waited for you
for days
for years and
months and

but all that you
leave to show for yourself
are the days
and years and
months and minutes

that you stay away

but i need you here
for closure
or at least for a

your face is
like a melody
that won't leave
my head

and all i want is
the music to stop
or at least to come
to a blissful
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